Looking good Steven! We need a built-in gruvbox look...
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Grateful for @MIT sharing 6.824: Distributed Systems, very approachable and relevant content. Using @RegolithL to split up my workspaces has been very helpful without having to focus on configuration.

Thanks to the fantastic work of contributors, the Regolith website is now available in Deutsch, Español, Magyar, and Français!

Looks like a fine spot indeed Jason!
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Isolation has me in one of my favourite spots. @RegolithL

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Announcing a new release of distri, my research linux distribution project for faster package management: distr1.org/release-notes/super

distr1.org/ effortlessly saturates Gigabit (and faster!) connections, resulting in super fast install and update speed!

We're looking for help translating the new regolith-linux.org site into other languages. If you'd like to help out but are unsure of where to start, please comment on your issue of interest and we'll work with you!

Requests: github.com/regolith-linux/rego

Thanks for the warm feedback @serpiko !
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for the past 5 years I've been using i3 as my tiling window managers of choice for my linux distros.
recently I discovered something really cool on top of i3wm: a complete distro, Regolith Linux, and I'm in love with it.
thankyou guys, you did an outstanding work

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The combination of Pop!_OS from @system76 and Regolith from @RegolithL is pure bliss. Thank you to both teams for your recent and awesome 20.04 releases! 🚀

Announcing the release of Regolith 1.4 on 20.04 with amd64 and architectures. Many thanks to contributors that helped to make this happen!

Learn about the release at ~ regolith-linux.org/docs/refere

Get Regolith ~ regolith-linux.org/download/


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