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Announcing the release of Regolith 1.4 on 20.04 with amd64 and architectures. Many thanks to contributors that helped to make this happen!

Learn about the release at ~

Get Regolith ~

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Hello Mastodon!

If you don't know me, I'm a super easy to use Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and GNOME with a i3 tiling window manager as the default desktop.

With me, you will learn fast how to use more your keyboard (and less your mouse).

I'm a standalone distribution but I can also be installed on you standard Ubuntu through a PPA.

Well done @RuiLeGan! One of the most thorough reviews of Regolith yet! Also a joy to read, well done 😊
RT @RuiLeGan
I'm excited to share that I've just written an article about my experience with Regolith Linux! Started at 10.30pm and it's 2am now😅. In short, I love it. Thanks @RegolithL and the community for making my computer hours happy!

Well put @recluze !
RT @recluze
I lived exclusive with @RegolithL for the past week and I hate to admit it but today my Macbook M1 felt ... crude! You have to try tiling WMs to really understand their strength. If you're a dev and using Ubuntu, give Regolith a try. It will be similar to Windows to Linux move.

That's great to hear Omar!
RT @iskandarone
@RegolithL I've known about Regolith a few days ago and I already installed it on 3 computers!
You are doing an amazing job!

Regolith 2.0 development has begun. We plan on making breaking changes to move forward. One aspect which we plan to evolve is regolith-styles. See here for a summary on why breaking changes are warranted and what to expect:

With 1.6 out the door we're ready for fresh translations using our @crowdin integration! If you're interested in contributing to Regolith by translating the site, please start here:

Sway has been a popular request as well! Yes Regolith 2.0 will set the stage for a package meta-model that would allow for a variant of Regolith that runs on Wayland/Sway.
RT @satai
@RegolithL What about sway support?

With 1.6 out the door, focus now comes to 2.x where we can make the changes necessary to enable multiple package formats. Expect more here in the coming months!
RT @unixterminal
Regolith is an amazing minimal desktop experience. Highly recommend trying it. Perhaps I can convince @kgilmer to port it to openSUSE...

Announcing the availability of Regolith 1.6 in both ISO and PPA forms.

Download details:

Release notes:

This release is dedicated to Moritz in appreciation for countless hours helping users and improving Regolith for everyone!

By request, a gallery page that provides a screenshot for every available look in the upcoming Regolith 1.6 release:

Announcing availability of Regolith Linux 1.6 ISO RC1!

This release candidate is available on Focal (20.04) and Hirsute (21.04) bases.

We're looking for testers, please RT!

Release Artifacts (ISOs):

Release Notes:

A nice walk-through of an older version of Regolith:
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Regolith Linux >> << is Ubuntu with the i3 environment and something else @RegolithL @Ubuntu @planetubuntu @ubuntudesigners

Regolith 1.6.0 is coming soon!

Many thanks to @UbuntuBudgie and projects for simple, working solutions for making ISOs!

For those looking to run Regolith on Ubuntu , the stable PPA has the packages. R1.6.0 is also currently in testing and will release with packages as well.

Regolith 1.5.3 for Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute is available for testing in the stable PPA. Bug reports appreciated!

Happy to hear you're enjoying Regolith Sahil!
RT @sahilgadimbayli
Finally a distro that works out of the box and doesn't need me configuring the shit out of the world.

Even after having install scripts, my dotfiles and everything else was still paint to get a hold of i3 with some decent desktop environment in parallel.

Thanks @RegolithL

The Regolith website's search feature just got @algolia integration, which dramatically improves the results and experience. Huge thanks to contributor Moritz ( for the work!

Thank you @ru5j4r0, it means a lot to us!
RT @ru5j4r0
Shout out to @RegolithL
The best combination of GNOME and i3 ever. I've always wanted somthing like this, now I feel like I NEED it. I really appreciate your work, so just started contributing monthly. Maybe it's not that much, but I hope if I could help you even just a little.

Thanks for the kind words @dwizzzleMSFT !
RT @dwizzzleMSFT
This is a really cool distro if you want i3 gaps working out of the box

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