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Announcing the release of Regolith 1.4 on 20.04 with amd64 and architectures. Many thanks to contributors that helped to make this happen!

Learn about the release at ~

Get Regolith ~

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Hello Mastodon!

If you don't know me, I'm a super easy to use Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and GNOME with a i3 tiling window manager as the default desktop.

With me, you will learn fast how to use more your keyboard (and less your mouse).

I'm a standalone distribution but I can also be installed on you standard Ubuntu through a PPA.

A nice walk-through of an older version of Regolith:
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Regolith Linux >> << is Ubuntu with the i3 environment and something else @RegolithL @Ubuntu @planetubuntu @ubuntudesigners

Regolith 1.6.0 is coming soon!

Many thanks to @UbuntuBudgie and projects for simple, working solutions for making ISOs!

For those looking to run Regolith on Ubuntu , the stable PPA has the packages. R1.6.0 is also currently in testing and will release with packages as well.

Regolith 1.5.3 for Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute is available for testing in the stable PPA. Bug reports appreciated!

Happy to hear you're enjoying Regolith Sahil!
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Finally a distro that works out of the box and doesn't need me configuring the shit out of the world.

Even after having install scripts, my dotfiles and everything else was still paint to get a hold of i3 with some decent desktop environment in parallel.

Thanks @RegolithL

The Regolith website's search feature just got @algolia integration, which dramatically improves the results and experience. Huge thanks to contributor Moritz ( for the work!

Thank you @ru5j4r0, it means a lot to us!
RT @ru5j4r0
Shout out to @RegolithL
The best combination of GNOME and i3 ever. I've always wanted somthing like this, now I feel like I NEED it. I really appreciate your work, so just started contributing monthly. Maybe it's not that much, but I hope if I could help you even just a little.

Thanks for the kind words @dwizzzleMSFT !
RT @dwizzzleMSFT
This is a really cool distro if you want i3 gaps working out of the box

It's not wrong. You don't have to emerge from nothing.
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First time trying it Regolith Linux.
Is it wrong to call it ii3 with training wheels??


Regolith version 1.5.3 is now publicly available via the release PPA.

Details regarding the release:

Installation and upgrade instructions:

We're currently doing some website upgrades to better support multiple languages. Some content may be stale for the next few days as we work through the migration.

We will produce a patch release soon to address some unnecessary cpu consumption when disconnected from all networks. It will be called 1.5.2.

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@phillipsj73 @system76 @UbuntuBudgie @kubuntu @opensuse @RegolithL Thanks for the include! 👍

Regolith version 1.5.1 is publicly available via the release PPA.

Details regarding the release:

Installation and upgrade instructions:

Happy to read that you're liking Regolith Aman!
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New year new distro!

@RegolithL is quite smooth and stable, it should be the default Ubuntu distro 👍

The only issue I remember was related to VPNs setup, fixed by raw config file edits.

Holidays are for instantOS 🚧

Aww, that's great to hear BT!
RT @btpaulie
Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate @RegolithL making accessible to me. Changed my workflow forever!

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