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Announcing the release of Regolith 1.4 on 20.04 with amd64 and architectures. Many thanks to contributors that helped to make this happen!

Learn about the release at ~

Get Regolith ~

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Hello Mastodon!

If you don't know me, I'm a super easy to use Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and GNOME with a i3 tiling window manager as the default desktop.

With me, you will learn fast how to use more your keyboard (and less your mouse).

I'm a standalone distribution but I can also be installed on you standard Ubuntu through a PPA.

Contributor Jens Klein will be presenting Regolith at GNU / LinuxDay in Vorarlberg:

Learn how to attend virtually here:

Nice! Although FYI @gnome is doing the heavy lifting of most of the functions unrelated to the window manager, via the excellent gnome-flashback project.
RT @btpaulie
Switching from GNOME to @RegolithL was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

If you have an opinion about i3 supporting modular config files, please express it here:

The third new user-contributed look in Regolith 1.5 is inspired by POP!_OS:

Any idea on how GTK themes like Dracula could be contributed to flathub ?

Else, flatpak applications fallback to the default GTK theme

Another user-contributed look debuting in Regolith 1.5 ~ Dracula

A peek at gruvbox, one of the new user-contributed looks coming in Regolith 1.5:

My apologies to @gardotd426 that I forgot and which did most of the work to port Regolith to Archlinux (see )

awesome job, thanks for it!

@regolith @ploum @ArchLinux

I don’t really know to be honest. There is an issue on the go to discuss the port, with the latest being a call for testers.

I just got done installing it on real hardware so I can take it for a proper spin. Then open some issues and PRs. If anyone is interested in this then I would encourage them to install it and use it, reporting bugs that come up.

What do y’all think?

@ploum @regolith @ArchLinux

We have been working on a PKGBUILD for this. I have been using it in a VM to do most of my casual computing.

Come and join in!

Running Regolith on Archlinux? That's exactly what @joshuaCrewe and others are doing :

Contributions are welcome!

We are quite pleased by the result of this survey done by @brandon on Mastodon :

Thank you all for your enthusiasm!

Wondering is there's a way to have a @regolith based on @ArchLinux instead of Ubuntu.

What would be needed to have the benefits of Regolith on Archlinux?

Ever wonder what development is going into the next version of Regolith? Have a look at the R1.2 project page ( and new package/stage status page, updated twice daily:

Our Mastodon account quest to surpass our Twitter account is underway :

███░░░░░░░ 30.147%

Only 475 followers needed :-D

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Trying out @regolith tonight.
Hardest part so far is getting used to i3 is my first time.

Aside from that it looks and feels quite nice.

@regolith theming is complete now, incl. color map in terminal (termite) \o/

If you suffer from graphical glitches in some of your applications (like a video player or, as reported, in the Antidote spelling corrector), have a look at

Changing your compositor is easy and may make your life better.

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