I love Syncthing ❤️ So simple, so easy... ☁️

Anyone using on ? I'm wondering if that will make a huge difference to buy hifiberry DAC pro, connect it to amplifier and listen tunein - will it make a deifference on such poor source as internet radio?

Maybe some recomendations on high quality music stream source? Now I'm using + .

FInally switched my work PC from :manjaro: to :archlinux: :) It's time to move on and give a try with zsh.

Any hints for bash pro ---> zsh newbie transfer? :terminal:

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"VPNs make your internet browsing more secure."

I find myself disagreeing with this statement more and more every day.

I also find it to be 'not entirely true' when you think of the privacy aspect considering how your browser is still being tracked left, right, and center with all sorts of tracking methods from canvas to cookies, to fucking ROOT CAs at this point.

relevant: propublica.org/article/meet-th

Hi there, anyone using one of these windows 10 mobile apps? Like "Tuuto" or "Mammoth for Mastodon"? Any recommendations?


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