The bar for entry into webdev has been consistently raising over the past few years. It's insane what's expected of beginners.

Recruiters are constantly asking for so many different technologies at once you could make an entire IT department out of them.

They want you to know both application development and application deployment. Be familiar with at least three different databases and/or cache stores, know your way around docker, shell scripting, possibly kubernetes as well.

This is madness


@dusnm And God forbid you choose the wrong libraries to learn (React/Angular/Vue, Webpack/Gulp) or didn't learn enough JavaScript.

Or that you didn't learn the right backend language because you're expected to be full stack. So you have to write the back end, front end, understand UX and Design, and be able to admin servers.

@redeagle Been there, done that. Lived to tell the tale. It seems that's the way corporations cut cost. Why hire two-three people when you can just grossly underpay one unlucky soul to do all the work?

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