I'd really like to learn how to write a Linux GUI. But I really don't want to decide which graphics toolkit is the least offensive to use.

GTK looks nice, but seems to be paying everyone off. Qt is not open source and people seemed bummed about whatever license thing I don't have time to read about. I'm not sure what to choose.

"pissing everyone off" in case anyone was unsure

@redeagle I haven’t personally written an application with GTK or QT yet, but I’d go for GTK if I were to write a graphical application right now. Some people are conflicted over theming with GTK, but I think it’s just growing pains that we’ll get over eventually.

@robby @redeagle
Just some opinions from an end user...

Qt is open source... Well it seems complicated. It's reliant on a commercial entity, so I would have concerns about its independence and future. It's very popular, cross-platform. As an end user, I like Qt-based apps because they usually mostly respect the desktop's theming. (If I have a light desktop theme, don't give me an effing dark theme on your app 🙄)

On the other hand, GIMP is based on GTK so I guess GTK is cross-platform too.

I'm no programmer, but I'd choose GTK over Qt for the licensing concerns. I'm also a GNOME user so I guess I'm a little biased...

@redeagle @alexandra QT is dual licensed, so don’t worry too much about it until you get your VC money for your half finished ERP app or blockchain whatever.

Qt and wxWidgets are well supported and cross platform.

@nathand @alexandra I had completely forgotten about wxWidgets. I should look that up

@redeagle Clearly the answer is SDL2

Unfortunately, I haven't found a good answer to this either.

@urusan @redeagle Obviously just include vulkan and draw directly on the screen. I mean, who cares about "windows" or widgets?

@nathand @urusan @redeagle hey it worked for Lagrange

Sometimes it's more fun to take the crazy person route

@redeagle Qt isn't open source.. evidence?

I thought it's just that they license the framework to closed sourced projects.

@Aman9das That's right. My bad. I'm forgetting things with this head cold I have.

@redeagle which desktop are you targeting? GNOME? KDE? Elementary? Something else?

@bugaevc I wish I didn't have to. Like, I can just make something and it would work without looking goofy cause it's a different library.

@redeagle my vote goes to Motif for that comfy 80s feeling and making sure it never runs on anything but X. 😁👌

@redeagle I gave up and use TCL/TK because it works with everything.

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