What does everyone recommend for a very simple blog? Looking for something lightweight. RSS required, activitypub optional.

@pavot Do you have any preferences outside of simple? Like, do you prefer flat files or a CMS or managed by git or anything like that?

@redeagle flat files via ssh or a cms would be good. I'm not sure how easy it is to automate flat files and RSS.

@pavot @redeagle flat files kind of suck. I implemented simple test blog app that used them but it means you're storing metadata in the os specific filetree, extending whatever markup language you're using, or just not having usable or extensible metadata making any automated content management useless.

If you hate DB management lots try SQLite. It has many of the advantages of flat files regarding backups and encapsulation without being flat files.

@einziggurat @pavot I don't think I've ever seen metadata stored in the filetree. It has always been in the front matter of a markdown file.

And also, caching should relieve any speed issues for a blog.

Though, I do really like SQLite. I'm going to use on my next project with Litestream for backups.

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