@pavot @uoya Gear up to the handoff maybe, but you still have your internal network to think of with switching and routing.

@redeagle @pavot yeah, my home networking gear caps out at about 300 mbps, so I’d need to buy a new switch and probably run some CAT6 to handle 1 gbps

@uoya @pavot I was lucky enough to recently work in networking and voice and I have a bunch of NFR Ruckus gear installed. Are you looking to upgrade? I may have suggestions.

@redeagle @pavot I’m using a Ubiquiti Dream Machine right now, which seems to be doing okay.

I don’t think it’s worth my upgrading anytime soon, because my internet caps out at 106 mbps, and I’m not getting gigabit anytime soon, thanks to Australia’s national broadband network rollout (it’s take 8 years to get here..)

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