I was thinking on how to respond to another toot tonight, and it caused me to think about Linux as a competitive desktop option.

And I think that it will never make it to desktop stardom because of business. FOSS developers spend so much time reinventing the wheel because wheel XYZ doesn't it do it for them, but no time on the tools that regular users need. For example: There are so many window managers that there's a top 20 list (ubuntupit.com/best-linux-windo). Yet there is no decent PDF editor.

@redeagle While I agree with sentiment, PDF is a different beast, since it's major line of business for Adobe, they won't let you get off the hook that easy.


@archit3ct Fortunately, it's not majorly different. Adobe won't let you off by business means. The PDF format is an open standard.

@redeagle Yes that's exactly what I was talking about, standard is free, but often Adobe uses a lot of proprietary features, and their grip on business community forces businesses and governments to use those proprietary features, so which means any editor is not going to be that useful, since majority of interactions going to be on business related side.

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