So I'm learning there's a lot of broken things in FreeBSD when running on a Thinkpad. Time to jog to the next distro.

Going to try a few Live USBs and see which desktop scales in a way I don't hate. Cinnamon and XFCe are knocked out already. Checking GNOME, LXQT, and Budgie next.

I have received my router, and it has been installed. I have a connected home once again.

HTML tips: if you need to hide some content with a summary(*), you probably don't need a button and JavaScript to handle it. Wrapping it insides details/summary elements would suffice.

(*): similar to how post subject/CW works

Whoa. Someone built a router out of NixOS and ran it on a raspi 3. I'm neck deep with OPNSense, but this is *incredibly* tempting.

is an extremely lightweight based logger.

µLogger writes timestamped messages to a SQLite database. Writes are faster than the SQLite reference implementation, and the entire library uses very little memory, as low as 512 bytes. File writing is done through callbacks, allowing for nonstandard devices to be supported. µLogger provides an Arduino .

Website 🔗️:

I found Little Debbie cereals at the store. So I bought both Oatmeal Creme Pie cereal and Cosmic Brownies cereal. They are... Meh.

They didn't really taste like the original product. Maybe they're better with milk or something.

GUIs: *Slaps screen* You can fit so many windows into this space!
Me: Maximizes windows, interacting with them one at a time.

It's interesting trying to build a website with limited internet access. I have to look things up on my phone to test on my laptop. And I didn't get all my softwares on the laptop so I can only test the html/css/js until the router gets here.

I'm going to go fuckin nuts this year and try to participate in both (or similar drawing event, due to recent events) and . I anticipate failing both, but having some fun

The city of , Germany, has recently opened a public tender and has asked companies to hand in their biddings for a possibly 100% IT solution. I am considering to hand in a quote for . Are there admins here on the Fediverse that can imagine joining into this effort as part of the team? If so, please get in touch! Thanks!

I wish there were published standards for life. Like a design doc declaring the optimal tooth care routine, or a diet plan outlined like it's an IETF RFC. Just a collection of known goods to start from.

A Mikrotik feature I'm excited for is kid control. Reading up on it, I can define times when the internet will work and tie it to individual MAC addresses.

Even better, instead of turning it off, I can slow out down instead. Like say..... 56K? Send my kids back to the days of dial up.

Does anyone else listen to Grumpy Old Geeks? I really enjoy it.

Getting antsy for that router to come. I technically have a second one here, but it's a company router to hook us into the corporate network. So the work computers are good, but all my wifi devices are confused and feel abandoned.

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