Remember way back in the day when opponents of the GDPR were saying "This new law will cause all tech companies to flee the EU?"

Because there really were people making that argument against it at the time.

basically, like C, any language where "you just have to always remember not to do any of these 30 things and it works fine" is bad

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Argh! My butt set is dead, and I need one for tomorrow.

I have an idea to make a video channel hosted on something like peertube. The topic will be household tasks. There's a right way to do dishes and laundry, and talks with other people suggest they don't do it correctly.

Bought a new washer. It's a Speed Queen. I kind of wish it had a cash box so I can charge my kids to do the laundry.

But the reality is that I do all the laundry. I'm more particular than everyone else in the house because I want the clothes to last. Everyone else is just: Hot, Hard, Fast, Dry on Dessert Heat.

My washer's dead. I'm thinking about shelling money out for a Speed Queen. I do enough laundry that a commercial washer makes sense.

I got a haircut. I don't look like loony now. My wife sent me with a picture of Jeff Goldblum from Independence Day to use. I chose to not show it to the barber. I need to make sure she doesn't know where I go to get my hair cut.

What are the best strategies to bring orgs towards the world of free and open source software? I'm currently looking into a couple which rely primarily on Microsoft.

Things created by dead people ought to be in the public domain.

The best part about zelda dress Link from Triforce Heroes is that it spawned this art

Awesome. My washer motor broke and got grease all over a bunch of clothes. I'm even finding stains now that were washed before the motor died. Glad I caught that early. Hahahahaha I'm dumb.

I have an question. If I were making a web application that I want other users to download and use, would I be able develop packages that could be downloaded through hex and add functionality to the application. Something akin to PHP and WordPress plugins.

I don't understand why companies making business applications would use Access and not SQLite. It would scare me if they were not aware of its existence.

I need a haircut. Looking at the internet for inspiration, and I noticed that most of the images that come up look like they fit better in a copy of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

I was looking for something to watch while I work, and I saw Lupin III: The First. Took a detour and watched the opening credits. The animation is just beautifully crafted, and the song has been a fun listen since 1978.

Man, I fucking hate print designers designing websites.

I've been watching old episodes of the Big Fat Quiz Show. I think I would like to invite Claudia Winkleman to my family holidays. She would be fantastic to play with board games.

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