i have underestimated the amount of baileys i required during the christmas period

i have just spent more than i have ever spent in a supermarket. pain. at least there's baileys. plentiful baileys

mentally preparing myself to go to the shop

bone, sed kial estas carles puigdemont i casamajo doooooo populara plu wikipedia ???

this is what i was referring to by christmas oceansize videos by the way. best xmas song youtube.com/watch?v=coOz5pzCpM

i remember on identica that the public timeline was mostly spam, or arguments about Free Software

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it's very cool watching the public federated timeline scroll by.

disgusted with myself that I didn't think of the Fall lyric "I really think this computer thing is getting out of hand" in time to put it in the preface of my phd thesis. so perfect

we watched love actually yesterday. is it just me who can't tell hugh grant and colin firth apart? i don't know if it's some kind of face blindness. anyway, i kind of love the film, and i don't know why. sometimes i disgust me.

So, are there any Christmas films that are Good? And I don't mean Oceansize music videos!

What am I supposed to do, actually tell people I liked their dent?

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Does the favourite button do anything other than light up? No favourite notifications or counts?

it has been many years since i was last on the . Where are the folks at???


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