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New here? Remember that Twitter is optimized to make you into passive consumers, by en(r/g)aging you with content that you don't choose yourself.

Here, that doesn't happen. But it also means you're responsible to find people to follow.

It will take some work.

If you're willing to put that in, you'll find a wide variety of friendly people that will be happy to have meaningful conversions and laugh and cry together with you.

Start by searching and looking at who other people follow.

Read the report of how the governments around the world a tightening controls over the internet.

I'm convinced that the internet offers a much better protection against this than the centralized that most people are so fond of these days.


I have two tests to do tomorrow... Never felt so tired and dismotivated as today 😞

Hello all I am Jesse. I love bsd, linux, and foss. I normally try to stay off the grid, but mastodon has piqued my interest so I am here to test. Exciting times we are living in.

I was wondering, does someone know about any academic mensions of ? An article or something...πŸ€”

I truly believe that #ActivityPub (the protocol behind #Mastodon) has the potential to redefine the way we create and connect on the internet. But to get there, we need to spread the word - a network is only as valuable as the people in it.

I want to get that ball rolling - I wrote a blog post about how ActivityPub is going to change the internet. Check it out here: jeremydormitzer.com/blog/what-. And please boost/share to your other networks so we can keep making the Fediverse bigger!

> If you can't fix it, you don't own it.

- Is better than recycling
- Saves you money
- Teaches engineering
- Saves the planet


The first Hub community post by @daeh has just gone live. He's de-Googling his phone! Take a look at the post here:


RT @adamelman@twitter.com: Not sure if I found this funny or terrifying #climatechange

I haven't done an either... I don't really publish personal information, but here goes what I do share πŸ˜‚

I'm a student developer, and I like to create things. I mostly just work on small little projects like extensions for github.com/Blockheads-Messageb and Discord bots and such. I'm trying to make a mastodon bot, but I'm having trouble making it.

You can see my featured projects here: wingysam.xyz/

*Shameless Plug*
Add my discord bot! discordapp.com/oauth2/authoriz

Hi there ! I've been using mastodon for a week already, but i just find out now that i should have introduce myself.
I'm a college student that loves languages with typed variables.
I'm, also, really interested about data science, security and the maker culture, actually, me and my friends in Brazil have been trying to expand this culture in our region, where isn't very known... Hope to get to know and learn with you'all !


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