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Yay, finally managed to cancel my monthly donaton to my previous Mastodon instance I no longer use. Now I can donate to instead!

Big accomplishment this evening: finally removed all documents and personal info from drive.

No more:
Gmail - βœ…οΈ (fastmail)
Gmaps - βœ…οΈ (openstreet map)
Google Search - βœ…οΈ (searx)
Google Analytics - βœ…οΈ (none)
Chrome - βœ…οΈ (brave or firefox)
Drive - βœ…οΈ (NAS in the basement + Dropbox backup)

Next step is review to see what other Google products I'm forgetting.

I really like the toot feed I get from people I follow. I also like the instance feed. The global feed not that much since it's chaos πŸ˜€ I like that you can simply block an annoying bot/reposter-maniac and continue enyoing the content. Don't remember being on a such well self-curated platform ever. Also people are nice and helpful no matter what topic discussed. Kudos to all of you making it a welcome place! πŸ‘‹

I’m wondering if a Known export will import into OK. I guess I could try and see if it broke, but before I do does anyone have any experience of doing this? Thanks.

I wrote a new post, something a little more personal and honest than the usual content I post. I hope people read and can take away something from it.

Hi all! I lurked for a couple of days to get a feel and will be keeping an eye out for new things to try!

I work IT support for schools and enjoying playing with anything cool I can get my hands on. I've been getting back into exploring FOSS and have done some rounds and several distros over the years on my aging laptop.

I'm tied to Windows professionally, but in my own time FOSS let's me explore and build on my own network, with my own hosted services.

Thanks! 😊

I think a lot of people on here should watch the show Devs. It touches on all-knowing & all-too-powerful Silicon Valley companies with secret state ties.

Enjoying trying out Green Cola. It’s supposed to be more natural than standard diet / zero colas, so better for you. Bought a box from Amazon on spec. Tastes suprisingly good!

Strangely enough, Ireland didn't erase their history when they tore down this statute of their oppressor. They were starting a new chapter in their history. Sounds like a reasonable thing to do.
RT @AntonyGreenABC
1948 - Ireland becomes a republic and Queen Victoria is removed from outside parliament. 32 years later Sydney was looking for a spare Queen Vic and the Irish loaned it to us. This very severe statue now sits out front…

Can anyone advise what the pros and cons are of allowing bots like followbot to follow you vs blocking with , please?

Sorting out my microblog categories. Deleted over 100 categories created from Instagram hashtags when PESOSing via OwnYourGram. That was tedious!

Hi everyone

I've just joined but have been on the for a while.

As a bit of a geek I didn't feel quite at home on my old instance (no fault of theirs btw), hence the change.

Looking forward to browsing the local timeline :)


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