I like the OSMAnd Android app, but this kind of feedback 'choice' really gets my goat. As I didn't want to rate I was forced to say 'No' 😛

@raretrack Have you installed it from F-Droid or Google Play Store? I have installed it from F-Droid and I've never got a message like that during my maybe 2 years of usage.


@edgren Google Play. I've never got around to trying out F-Droid yet!

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@raretrack Then do it 😊 I highly recommend Foxy Droid instead of F-Droid

@raretrack I mean, the client Foxy Droid for F-Droid instead of the F-Droid client. Open source apps that normally costs on Google Play Store and are available through F-Droid, are free (FOSS, Free Open-Source Software) on F-Droid (for an example, Simple Dialer Pro) and does not contain any shitty Google code, such as tracking and Play Store shit.

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