Some new toys have arrived. Just need to work out how to use them now! πŸ˜€

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@raretrack How did it go? I've been debating on getting one or two. But other than git pushes or perhaps using it as a sub-ssh for a server I'm not sure what I'd use it for.

@ramob I've converted a few of browser logins to MFA using the keys. Works really well, often with just one press to confirm login. Quite happy with them so far.

@raretrack Nice, congrats glad its working for you...I'm still not sure how it works if you lose the token are you SOL? Or is there a back up plan already worked into the product?

@ramob There's backup phrases to store offline and keep safe for each login I've added so far.

@raretrack Alright so you can have separate phrases for each instance but not the key itself? Also, just curious does it ping for some kind of pass phrase with the login/to activate the token or is it just a press/touch and you're in the account linked?

@ramob There are things you can do with the key itself, I think, but I haven't done that yet. With the browser-based logins you get a popup asking you to touch (with or without a PIN depending on site), touch it and you're in. I've also used the NFC one to tap in on an Android app - very cool!

@raretrack Ah nice, can you load SSH keys into it too? Or are they explicitly OTP tokens?

@raretrack Awesome! Thank you. Sorry for the 100 questions, I've seen these pop up a little. I just hadn't jumped on it and gotten one yet.

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