Hi everyone

I've just joined but have been on the for a while.

As a bit of a geek I didn't feel quite at home on my old instance (no fault of theirs btw), hence the change.

Looking forward to browsing the local timeline :)

@raretrack Welcome aboard! Glad to have you. I'm sure you'll find Fosstodon to be a nice place to call "home".

@raretrack Welcome aboard! I hope you find it more to your liking here.

@raretrack local sure is a great place to be here on Fosstodon. Glad to have ya!

@raretrack Brand new to the platform, myself! Any new and exciting tech advancements in the railway industry lately?

@timandes Welcome! Not sure about the railway advancements but, I'm sure someone will have some insight on it.

@timandes Hmm, I think it's currently evolution rather than revolution. Exciting advancements always to seem to be just around the next corner!

@raretrack You are in the right place. We're all geeks here ;)

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