It's published on Medium (not my fault) but anyway this is a superb article about the #UK's broken land 'system', and how it structurally impoverishes almost everyone - except the people who are already wealthy.

#UKPol #LandValueTax #housing

Today's gripe about Windows: software that adds a desktop shortcut without asking you, and then requires UAC to remove it. Grr!

Endangered Firefox? I hope not, but this article does not make for good reading. We need to retain a viable alternative to Chrome etc. that has a reasonable market share.

Been thinking I should write more, so bagged a @readwriteas instance and penned a (still vivid) memory from a visit to the Faroe Islands back in 2009.

Interesting interview with the inventor of the QR code 25 years on. And top marks to his company for opening the patents from day one, an enlightened decision.

Well I've done it. After using Bitwarden for the last few months and being happy with it, I've deleted my LastPass account. Another small step towards open source solutions 😀

Happiness is ripping 600MB of FLAC audio files to MP3 in less than 10 seconds :) Takes me back to the old days when you may as well have gone and done something else while you were waiting!

Actually it's £84 having looked more carefully, as I'd want it to point to my custom domain and not have someone else's ads. Hmm!

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If I am to revive my blogsite, wondering whether to host it with my domain provider and maintain it myself, or just pay WordPress dot com the £36 a year to do it for me. What do others folks do / think?

@kev I'm really interested by this, and sympathetic to it too. I have struggled with getting #IndieWeb fully implemented on my own website, though I was planning to return to it.

I'm convinced that the future lies in this direction, but perhaps the future isn't here quite yet!

Eek! Windows 10 tried to update me to the latest version, then crashed on reboot and rolled me back again. Why are Microsoft still trying to force this buggy release on people?!

Gooooood Morning Fosstodon!

I'm ready to reclaim my music library, and my control along with it.

What are people using to stream their own library to multiple devices and what works well?

I'll probably want to do the same for video at some point, but less urgent. If there's something that solves both, that'd be neat though.

What can LEGO teach us about interface design? The answer in this great post is: a lot!

Feeling chuffed that I've just written my first ever custom class module. Slowly getting the hang of this OOP lark!

In 1980s Serbia (fmr Yugoslavia) DJs would broadcast software over the radio so listeners could record on cassettes and run warez on their homemade computers.

I like the OSMAnd Android app, but this kind of feedback 'choice' really gets my goat. As I didn't want to rate I was forced to say 'No' 😛

Visited a bird sanctuary wetland yesterday. Lovely peaceful place to walk around and look at the wildlife.

Back in the days when cars really where starting to be a thing, it was considered to be a sign of progressiveness for a nation to have its own touring race. So Austria created one as well. It became one of Europes most challenging races. Here‘s the map

Just finished migrating my proofs from to .

now accomplished. Much happier not to have my PGP private key on someone else's server.

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