Eek! Windows 10 tried to update me to the latest version, then crashed on reboot and rolled me back again. Why are Microsoft still trying to force this buggy release on people?!

Gooooood Morning Fosstodon!

I'm ready to reclaim my music library, and my control along with it.

What are people using to stream their own library to multiple devices and what works well?

I'll probably want to do the same for video at some point, but less urgent. If there's something that solves both, that'd be neat though.

What can LEGO teach us about interface design? The answer in this great post is: a lot!

Feeling chuffed that I've just written my first ever custom class module. Slowly getting the hang of this OOP lark!

In 1980s Serbia (fmr Yugoslavia) DJs would broadcast software over the radio so listeners could record on cassettes and run warez on their homemade computers.

I like the OSMAnd Android app, but this kind of feedback 'choice' really gets my goat. As I didn't want to rate I was forced to say 'No' 😛

Visited a bird sanctuary wetland yesterday. Lovely peaceful place to walk around and look at the wildlife.

Back in the days when cars really where starting to be a thing, it was considered to be a sign of progressiveness for a nation to have its own touring race. So Austria created one as well. It became one of Europes most challenging races. Here‘s the map

Just finished migrating my proofs from to .

now accomplished. Much happier not to have my PGP private key on someone else's server.

Big shoutout for Multi-Account Containers. Been playing with the add-on for a few days and I really like it. I can segregate sites from each other as I please, and have also got two tabs open side-by-side from different accounts on the same site. Easily configurable to suit your own use cases 😀

@keyoxide Silly question time, but in your Mastodon guide where it says "Upload the key to WKD or", how does the gpg send-keys command know which one you want to use?

Hi folks, I'm wanting to create a new PGP keypair using Kleopatra (part of GPG4WIn) so I can create a profile. Do people recommend including your email address when creating the pair? And how about setting an expiry date? Not my field of expertise at all!

Went for a walk in the countryside this morning + learning to use Pixelfed = this post!

While looking for an alternative to Photos, I came across something called Recall Which has unlimited free encrypted storage, and the ability to host your own at if you want..

Recall is powered something called , which I'd never heard of... Blockstack has more apps than you can poke a stick at 😲

Something for people to check out Certainly worth more investigation

Some new toys have arrived. Just need to work out how to use them now! 😀

Has anyone used a with their ? Wondering whether to add another layer of security?

- Hello all, this is technically my first post. I stopped using the majority of Social Media Platforms a couple years ago. I use Minds sometimes, but still find it lacking. Mastodon in general looks promising. I'm a Unix Guy "Solaris Admin". Oracle Build Guy. IT Manager. Drupal Developer. Ex Smart Phone User "Thank you Alcatel". Canuck. Hockey Player and a Musician.

I'm really looking forward to my time here. I'm liking what I'm seeing already.

This is the kind of website I strive to design one day

That feeling when you can't take your old pedals off your bike because you don't have a hex wrench. Later followed by realising you have an oversize allen key upstairs you've never found a use for. Does it fit? Yes! Happy days :)

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