I'm playing through the original Dragon Quest trilogy and I'm getting so over-leveled because I constantly forget what I'm doing and wander around trying to find clues. And there's monsters like every 5 steps with these games...

For better `cp` run this command:
echo "alias cp='cp -Ziva'" >> ~/.bashrc

If your distro doesn't use , remove the 'Z'.

-Z : Set SELinux context.
-i : Prompt before overwrite.
-v : Verbose.
-a : Never follow symlinks, Recursive, Preserve mode, ownership, timestamps, context, links, xattr.

CompSci papers make you ask weird questions. Like, "But if Gamma AND Delta voted, then why is the islands ledger still in the beta decree state?"

Then a couple paragraphs down you find the answer and you say, "Oh cuz two IS less than five".

This Part-time Paxos Parliamentary Paper is perplexing...


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