@randynose this is pretty rad. how are they getting the different movements?

different rates of spin?

@randynose I think with the directional movement they're just moving the arrows. but IDK about the shrinking / growing ones.

@levi @randynose I cover them with my hand and they still move so maybe that's not it

@randynose This is fake.
I extracted every frame.
Everything was changed frame-by-frame.
The moving around, growing/shrinking, everything.
Don't believe me?

ffmpeg -i path/to/media.file frames/%03d.jpg

Inspect the frames yourself located in the frames/ directory.


Well, if I put the mouse pointer on the edge of the Circle, it doesn't appear to move from the pointer.


@randynose I've reviewed the frames probably 6 times now. Either this is a very good illusion that it's fooled me 7 times, or it's fake.

Not trying to be confrontational here, I just realized how it sounds.

I'm just really skeptical about this.

@Phate6660 @randynose but if you just look at the edge of a circle it doesn't move?

if you just compare two frames, wouldn't the optical illusion still make it look different?

If one had grids setup on the Gimp and overlaid the frames, you could inspect each frame, and also use opacity to check out the gif.

@randynose Is it the colors on the thin edge that make it?

@randynose If you repeatedly blink you will be able to see circles aren't actually moving. It's very weird...

@person Kind of makes sense, if you're blinking at the same rate that the images are being processed / displayed.

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