Well it took over a year before I noticed the scale on my speedometer isn't linear (and it was my wife who finally noticed). Apparently this is the case on a lot of VW's. You learn something new every day. :-). Excuse the dust and dog hair. It's been a long year. :-)

@rfquerin Dammit I just saw your nick now again, It sounds so familiar, from some linux podcast I think I've heard that often Linux Outlaws?

@randynose @sotolf - yeah I've been known to Inkscape from time to time. Though that was a helluva long time ago now. Still get the odd YouTube subscriber on my Inkscape videos too. LOL. The full archive of our videos is up on archive.org now: archive.org/details/Screencast

@randynose @sotolf - fun fact, the whole inkscape screencast thing started from a logo contest for Chess Griffin's Linux Reality podcast where I ran into Heathenx. That was circa 2006.
Crap I'm old.

@rfquerin @randynose chess was the guy that introduced me to Linux :D and to Nathan Lowell, and it was also the first podcast i listened to :) so good :)


@sotolf @rfquerin

Chess did a great podcast.

And yea, Nathan Lowell was good stuff too.

@randynose @rfquerin he's still write good books, he released a new one in December :)

@sotolf @rfquerin
I saw, but I've not the time I once had to listen to podcasts. It's a good thing, and bad.

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