Well it took over a year before I noticed the scale on my speedometer isn't linear (and it was my wife who finally noticed). Apparently this is the case on a lot of VW's. You learn something new every day. :-). Excuse the dust and dog hair. It's been a long year. :-)

@randynose 20-40-60 -> 20 km/h increment. 60-100-140-180-220-260 -> 40 km/h increment.

@randynose suppose, it doesn't go past 60, so what's the difference, anyway.


He might go downhill one day, and want to know how fast he's going.

@randynose @themactep ๐Ÿ™‚
Apparently it's done for two reasons... first to make acceleration seem quicker (needle moving faster) and then second, so they could get 260 onto the dial! LOL.

@randynose @themactep Umm.. no. I've grown quite sedate in my old age. I think I've caught myself doing 140 or 150 (kph) on the highway a couple of times - both times just keeping up with traffic. 99% of the time I'm 10 or 15kph over the posted limit.

@rfquerin @randynose I was just teasing you. VW makes decent and stylish cars. I used to own some in my past.

@themactep @randynose LOL. I misread and thought it said 'he' instead of 'it'.

Clearly my attention to detail is frickin' outstanding!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


@rfquerin @themactep

You're going to need ever INCH of that 260 kph speedometer...

Mwhahaha... haha haha... every inch... I crack my self up.

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