@rfquerin Time to roll up the hoses if you haven't done so...

I hate hoses in the garbage.

Easier to deal with vs Phone or Cables lines caught on things, tho. .

@randynose rolling up hoses sounds like work though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


They get hung up on the garbage trucks in all sorts of weird ways...


See those hoses..... They're going to get wrapped up... - I've still got a bit to do on that yard... But it's better than it was.

@randynose that's a great yard. I've had a fence down for going on 1.5 years now. But I like my neighbours and we've agreed to let me procrastinate at least until now. This spring I had Covid to blame (wasn't keen on bringing a contractor in) but I'll get it done this spring. I'm lazy but I also think I've found a local guy and want to support some small town business.

Thanks! We've only been here 2 years... But it's starting to feel like it's mine. - That shed took a little work to clear out and clean up. - There's only so much I can do, and I melt in the heat, so I get as much done outside when it's nice and cool.

A daughters boyfriend helped me get our fence repaired. - Feels better to have that done. I've got a lot still that I want to do. There was a lot of wood chunks on the cement slab that I had to clean up.

@rfquerin But the reason that I sent that particular screen shot is that for some reason That computer (The TV Media one) doesn't like to show Fahrenheit.. So I've Celsius to compare the temps. LOL..


@rfquerin A previous owner like to burn wood. - Not a bad thing. But the wood stove is in a bad place in the house. Right in the Dining room, so I'm trying to get rid of the thing. - It's actually kind of a challenge to give away a wood stove, I've found.

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