Nice cold dog walk, hot cup of coffee and editing photos on my phone is a good start to the weekend. Sadly there is also work to be done later. :-\

@randynose true. But there are no slow moving train wrecks and dumpster fires to stare at over here. Lol

That is true. You can watch the world burn down over there.

But you should stay grounded by hanging out over here more. Especially when you post your Coding Posts. 馃槈

@randynose that is perhaps the loosest use of the word coding I've ever read. Lol!!

@rfquerin Coding. Project. It's not like you're getting a pay raise because of the skills. ...

And no one is sending me money or even praise for my web page that I made for myself. But it IS a web page that I developed. So, you know that I'm a fully fledged Web Page Dev, right?

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