I'm looking for friends who also are interested in stuff like #opensource, #freesoftware, #linux, #programming, #webdevelopment, #javascript, #nodejs, #react, #python, #systemadministration, #selfhosting, #gaming, and #privacy, like myself. I feel kind of lonely and lack friends to chat with. 😕

@Psycosy I think you'd find a lot on instances like where I toot from


Plenty of decent people around here that like that sort of thing. Fostodon or SDF are good places to start. Fostodon does filter it's content, so IMHO it's more focused on the FOSS side of things. No XXX content.




There is a SDF Mastodon node also, so if you're not into Fosstodon, perhaps it would be a better fit. - I just realized that I have both a Fosstodon and SDF mastodon accounts.

SDF it's self might take a little to explain. But it's kind of a cool place to SSH into. I don't get to as often as I'd like. - And that reminds me that I might want to check my email over there.


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