Ugh. This is a thing with the new Android update. Turned on by default.

@randynose It's not new… IIRC, it's been there since Oreo or Nougat.

Yeah, but I guess it is turned back on after the update. I thought I had it off.

I DO have mixed thoughts on the mapping side of things. But people like @pla are working with open street maps on improving it's function.

@randynose Shoot. Tweaking privacy settings on Android these days is as futile as tweaking privacy settings on Facebook. I think I'd switch to a dumb phone before I'd ever switch back to stock Android.


I switched to Ubuntu Touch last November. I had to find a lot of replacements for apps but it was worth it in the end.

@Mundon @randynose

It depends on what you're trying to replace. I had to replace KeePassXC with KeePit; Tutanota and Protonmail with the web versions of their client; Google Maps with Pure Maps; FreeOTP with AuthenticatorNG and 2FA Manager; Tusky with uMastonauts; Signal with Axolotl and Firefox with Morph and Tor with Onion Browser.

I can't find this menu, would you mind giving more detailed instructions?

What version of Android do you have?

And it was more or less of a Pop Up notification for me after the upgrade/update.

@randynose These forms of scanning are how Google knows where Android users are at all times. I'm not sure if it's possible to truly turn off wifi scanning, but apparently AOSP and anything based on that doesn't have it because it's proprietary.

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