Took my first look at Owncloud and NextCloud.

So... Both look nice.

So why would one choose one over the other?

Is this going to be a Firefox / Iceweasel thing?

@randynose I chose Nextcloud over owncloud because they update more often and the hole project is more active. Owncloud was more stable though. But I didn‘t have any issues lately...

I went for @nextcloud, @randynose as it was available as a #snap on @ubuntu. I've since started using @NextCloudPi on a @raspberrypi 3.

(I don't remember the details, but there was some internal politics, and NextCloud split away from OwnCloud. Nextcloud seems to be what Government agencies are turning to across the #EU.

@randynose In my experience Nextcloud works and Owncloud doesnt. Nextcloud has a lot more active development going on that Owncloud.
Just my two cents.

@randynose Here's the history

I'd go with nextcloud, it's fully open and doesn't held back by company policies when it comes to integrating patches/features written by the community.


Ah... OK... Seems that the consensus is Nextcloud...
Yea, I'm thinking of putting it on a Pi... I've got a Pi 3 that might do... If it seems to slow, Iv'e got another Pi 3 w/ 4 cores that is more beefy..

@randynose @zen3ger @unklebonehead @mark @thewk the main performance bottleneck on the Pi3 is that the ethernet and USB connectors share a bus, so I/O to the external disk competes with network traffic, so with high concurrency you'll experience sluggishness.

We only have two users here at home and we only really notice it trying to access large files, so it's okay, but it's something to consider for hosting on a RPi.

RPi4 does not have that issue.

Might just use a 32 or 64 gig sd card to start off with. So it might be a little better on a Pi 3.
@zen3ger @unklebonehead @mark @thewk

@randynose @zen3ger @unklebonehead @mark @thewk better set up a rock solid backup strategy if you're storing data on SD cards! It's a question of -when- it's going to fail. In my setup only the software and database lives on the SD card, all the data sits on an external drive and the DB is backed up daily so I can reconstruct it when the SD card bites the dust.

@kungtotte @randynose @zen3ger @unklebonehead @mark That is very good advice. SD cards will fail at some point. That is why I run my nextcloud on proper server hardware (and in an kvm vm). But no matter what storage device is used, backups are important. I usually suggest at least 2 backup drives, one of location if possible.

@thewk @randynose @zen3ger @unklebonehead @mark 3-2-1! Always remember 3-2-1 for backups:

3 copies of your data (the live/actual data counts as one)

2 different formats (your disk+external drive, disk+optical, disk+tape, etc.)

1 copy off-site.

These are minimums :)

@kungtotte @zen3ger @unklebonehead @mark @thewk

Well, at the moment, I'm more interested in testing it out, and learning. So the SD card and Backups aren't *quite* a priority, but certainly worthy of note.

I have it setup on my old Pi3, I think it's got 512 mb RAM. I'm thinking about moving it to the faster Pi3 to see how much of a performance improvement it is.

@randynose Owncloud is mostly dead, everything is happening at Nextcloud now

@randynose It is more of an OpenOffice / LibreOffice thing. That is, it seems to be a fork that goes deeper than branding and build options.

I went with NextCloud over the original OwnCloud. NextCloud seems to have a bigger mindshare in the free software community. This is probably due to them not following the dual licensing strategy that OwnCloud continued to adhere to after the fork (OwnCloud has an AGPL "community" edition as wells a non free build while NextCloud is AGPL only)...

@randynose ...part of OwnCloud's dual license strategy involved developers signing a CLA as well, which I recall does not apply in NextCloud which has a single code base/edition. All of this seems to have resulted in NextCloud evolving a bit faster.

The open office / libre office explanation seems to make sense to me...

And wow... I didn't think that I would get so many responses.

Nice 👍.
Thanks all!

More info on the fork if you're interested. (see subsection "History of the fork from ownCloud")

@randynose I am not willing to say it is a moral issue, but the developers who originally created Owncloud left with complaints about the community process in Owncloud, forked the code, and created Nextcloud. Nextcloud seems to be where most of the action is, so if I were picking I would go there.

@randynose NextCloud seems to be pure FOSS while OwnCloud has their enterprise version which is probably where most of their dev time is spent. I'm biased so would go after Next.

@randynose Our University is using OwnCloud even though the web interface is not really nice I still enjoy using it.

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