The new Chrono Romancer EP, Krieger, is available for download on bandcamp and streaming on all major streaming platforms!
(Just search for "Chrono Romancer" ๐Ÿ˜ƒ )

My wife, our friends, and I worked hard to make this happen. Give it a listen!

I'm still looking for a good instance to post it up on...

Welcome friends! If you're new to mastodon in general I recommend you follow these accounts:

Here's a short video explaining some of the ways that Mastodon is different from other social media you may be familiar with:

Here's a blog post I wrote talking about what alternative social media looks like:

This week at work really sucked bad. Truck ๐Ÿš› wouldn't start this morning. That and the brake catching ๐Ÿ”ฅ fire. Lost time due to a filling falling out. ๐Ÿฆท

But for the the first time in decades, I have a cat๐Ÿˆ in my lap.
My has started early with my friend.

Someone comes up to you on the street and demands all your money. It quickly becomes apparent that they are unarmed and not a physical threat to you.

They claim that they are a god. If you ignore them, then you will be eternally tortured in the afterlife. If you comply, you will be richly rewarded in the afterlife.

They then say: I know you are skeptical, but even if there is tiny chance this is true, the reward for compliance is so great that you should expect infinite value

Do you comply?

Pb&j crafting habits

@rcode3 Welcome to Fosstodon. Things are slow at first but as you find people with similar interests and follow them, others will follow you. Create your bio, add an avatar pic and some emojis to your name so others can learn more about you. If you haven't, sending out an introduction listing your interests will help.

The custom emoji list is here:

Also see Kev's most awesome blogpost about getting started here:

Good luck and have fun.

I'm half tempted to make a ISO from Debian core. But Just how thin would I make it? Hmm...

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So. Since my day was shorter than normal. MrsNose and I grabbed a Mr Hero's sandwich and hung out at the Marina area for a bit while we ate them.

So... I had a brake shoe catch fire๐Ÿ”ฅ while going down the road.... OR at least that's what it looked like. - So My day was cut short. FWIW the fire extinguisher worked fine.

Also FWIW. Not as exciting as the trailer that caught fire a couple of years ago. ๐Ÿš’

Dangnabbit! - I could have swore that I had all 6 machines going last week. - I did updates all all of that. Hmmphh... Gotta go down into the basement and see what's lurking down there.


I went back to using Windows 10 tonight to help someone with a video project. Windows 10 is bloated and slow. It made me really appreciate how efficient Linux can be compared to other OS platforms out there.

I was wondering If tails is a distro for a portable USB running live and that your able to access the web ๐ŸŒ using Tor :tor: Would it make sense it uses Xfce :xfce: as the main DE so that it can truly run on any PC ๐Ÿ’ป. Even if its ancient ๐Ÿค” :smart:

New game called Texas Rolling Blackout Roulette where everyone in the household takes their turn in the shower. The one the shower when the power goes off loses.

TX mutual aid 

Sharing #MutualAid resources for the state of #Texas

Funky Town Fridge is a community fridge project that aims to combat hunger, empower our communities, reduce food waste, and educate the city of #FortWorth

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