Wasn't there a vertical line on the left when you expanded a conversation by clicking on the plus sign in the #PleromaFE? Or am I imagining that? Hard to tell what it part of the conversation and what is the timeline continuing.

Hmm... Some of the things that are added to the dictionary make me scratch my noggin. ๐Ÿค”

Definition of: 'doomscrolling' is: 'the practice of obsessively checking online news for updates, especially on social media feeds, with the expectation that the news will be bad, such that the feeling of dread from this negative expectation fuels a compulsion to continue looking for updates in a self-perpetuating cycle.'. Learn more at: 'dictionary.com/e/word-of-the-d'

Organize your exported Google Photos collection with this Python script because Google's Takeout is a mess if you want to move them

It was news we knew would eventually come. After offering free unlimited high-quality backups since 2015, Google Photos will begin counting storage for high-quality uploads against your Google Account beginning June 2, 2021.
Naturally, people have started to consider what theyโ€™ll do with their photo and video collection when the time comes. One option is to export your photos and go with an alternative service. You can use Google Takeout to download your entire library, but using that option may result in some headaches if you have a ton of photos and videos. Thatโ€™s because, for whatever reason, Google chose to export photos separated by folders with .json files inside. But what if you just want to have a single folder containing all of your photos in chronological order, or if you want to organize all of your photos by month and year? squeet.me/objects/962c3e103303

OpenStreetMap is Having a Moment. The Billion Dollar Dataset Next Door | by Joe Morrison | Nov, 2020 | Medium

What a shame... Neglected ๐Ÿ˜ž

Huge Puerto Rico radio telescope, already damaged, collapses

ARECIBO, Puerto Rico (AP) โ€” A huge, already damaged radio telescope in Puerto Rico that has played a key role in astronomical discoveries for more than half a century completely collapsed on...


bird photography 

Just kidding, it's a parrot!

Saw @randynose shared his xlm invite (fosstodon.org/@randynose/10530) but if anyone is interested in learning about compound and already has a coinbase account...


Unfortunately I already did all the xlm ones a while ago but do consider using his invite for xlm and mine for compound. It's free crypto and I will try to keep tabs and delete this toot after my 4 slots are taken.

content is great, but it's the toots about your lives, the birds you see in your garden, work updates, hiking pics, running progress, , baking victories, your hobbies and your random thoughts that interest me the most. โค๏ธ

So, I got this from Coinbase. - I'm not sure if anyone else uses it, or any Lumens. But I just watched 5 videos on coinbase can got $50 credit.

Invite up to 4 friends to earn XLM too! They can be new or existing Coinbase users. Youโ€™ll earn $10 in XLM for each eligible friend who completes a lesson.


So. @dick_turpin was talking about Cyptocurrency earlier. - So visited my account.

Watched a few video's for $50 in free Lumens.

Sure. Why not? ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Hot dog bun marmalade toast is part of this essential breakfast of multiple vitamins and minerals and all that other crap.

I'm not the only one who likes to look at the birds.. the cat is beside herself.

Bird feeder is empty, and there's a lot of ๐Ÿฆ birds ready to eat. Tossed some food into the snow. Caught this Cardinal, he's one of my favorites.
Ton of other birds around, but hard to get a good picture of them ATM.

There's a little snow happening... I just wish the wind would calm down. BLECH! ๐ŸŒฌ๏ธ

Why did the snowman go to the middle of the lake?

Because snowman is an island.

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