So, has anyone ever played with Linspier?
Linspire 8.5 Linux Operating System Released, Based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

Ships with Linux kernel 5.0 and updated components

Macmillan CEO defends Library ebook embargo as boycotts mount

A delegation of state librarians met with Macmillan CEO John Sargent last week and the publisher reiterated their claims that new ebooks in the library are hurting their sales. Macmillan has concerns

It occurs to me that I've never heard of successful malware delivery on Android that didn't come hidden in an app, i.e. a trojan. Does anyone know of any cases like a malicious website directly exploiting a device?

For the new folks on Mastodon, here are the various ways you can discover new people on here to talk to!

Please boost :)

As for the real kid listed on the milk carton, I hope he was found.

Once upon a time, I had a really cool and fun boss. - He loved me so much that he put me on a milk carton when they couldn't get a hold of me as fast as they thought the should have.
- Trust me, there weren't a lot of places to use a phone booth on the mountain roads IF, IF! one Did get a page on their pager.

Oh man.... Those were the days... ๐Ÿ“Ÿ

Oh My Word. I'm so surprised as to how well scanning an old Polaroid can actually bring the picture back to life, or make sense out of it.
I couldn't figure out what this picture was, and now. Viloa! - I'm quite please to have found it.

I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to take a picture of a black motorcycle in the dark.

I'm going to blame it on the alcohol intake.

Circa 1983 as far as I can tell.

A Couple of S.O.B.s..... Probably yelling the lyrics to Hair of the Dog... ๐ŸŽธ ๐ŸŽค

R.I.P. Don....
You're missed.

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

"She was a strepitous date" ๐ŸŽ

strepitous | Word of the Day | November 9, 2019

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strepitous: Word of the Day from

Hello! I'm a sysadmin who plays with Linux in his spare time. Nice to virtually meet all of you.

@fribbledom "Hey, the people are rioting. Shouldn't we do something?"
"Oh, dw. That's normal. In fact I wouldn't call it a riot. It's more like friendly weekly gathering."

Normalizing the abnormal.

So many new faces on !

Welcome everyone, itโ€™s great to have so many people in our little corner of the fediverse!

If youโ€™re new to Mastodon, this post I wrote may help you get going:

If youโ€™re still stuck, get tootinโ€™! We have a tonne of extremely helpful members here.

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