The touchbar is the worst idea Apple has come up with since the fucked up keyboard

Are your children chatting about dying in outer space?

ROFL: Real Oxygen Failure Loop
STFU: Systemic Total Failure Underway
ILY: Irreparable Leak Yonder
YOLO: Your Oxygen Lost (Oops)
SMH: Something Mauled Hull
WYD?: Why'd You Die?
DGAF: Decompression: Gas/Atmosphere Failure
LMFAO: Let's Maybe Forget Astronaut's Odds

TSHV-Ep7 TSHP Cross Post Hubzilla

As promised yesterday I said I would post this today. Well here it is. I recorded this episode while recording TSHP Ep12. I did this so you can actually see with your own eyes Hubzilla. In my own humble and honest opinion it is probably the most powerful app on the fediverse. - It can interact with Ostatus, ActivityPup, Freindica, diaspora and just about anything out there.
It has apps out the wazoo for you to do anything with.

If one is interested ๐Ÿ˜‰

These Words Originated From Native American Languages

Many U.S. states, indigenous animals, and foods are named using Native American languages. Let's take a look at everyday words from Native languages!

Check out this Blog from

Home ownership. Spent yesterday running around getting things to get things done around the house. Still have more to do. More to do. But at least now the Propane isn't leaking out of a rubber hose... and the leak in the bathroom has been fixed.... ๐Ÿšฐ

I'm glad I'm not leaking.
That's why I eat peanut butter. ๐Ÿฅœ
It'll seal all the leaks. Right?


Welcome to Fosstodon and Mastodon!
Come Join in some conversations! This is a rather low key place.

In general, if you have any specific questions about:

1) Cooking, including breadmaking, yogurt and cheesemaking, and fermentation
2) Gardening, especially urban and guerrilla, as well as composting, vermiculture, soil remediation, and apiculture
3) Workplace organization and unionization
4) Emacs or Elisp
5) Protesting or Direct Action

I am probably happy to help answer them!

Please, always feel free to ask. Not just one question, I'll be your tutor in any or all these topics.

Dark. is much better.
Not so sure about the zooming out.
But its much better darker.

Ok. All of this white stuff.
Does not look right to me.
Oh. noes.
The all white is not all right.
It's gotta goes.

Exposure of Psychiatric Hospital Abuse of Patients 

New terminology: โ€œsmart TVsโ€ are now โ€œsly TVsโ€.

Iโ€™m serious. From now on I am never again using โ€œsmartโ€ as an adjective for a TV.

Surfing around because of the 50 years of articles... Found this one kind of simple and nice, giving a nod to many people who helped get us to where were're at today.

I am an #immigrant in #Regensburg, #Germany, who likes to #travel and spends a lot of time thinking about #food and #language, particularly #Deutsch, but also a few other European ones. Hat tip to @randynose for this pinned toot idea.

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