are there online copies of source code docs (specifically, pdfs of the .web sources) for xetex? cweave works for tex but it's giving a bunch of errors when I try to run xetex.web + through it
> Yes, I'm afraid a lot of the xetex changes are not carefully commented in Weave-compatible Knuth style; they lack the proper markup on names, etc., as well as doubling of @ signs. (I've never intended to weave this web, I just work with the actual source files.)

yeah, it seems like no on actually weaves the source code, so it's just broken


Using master branch of XeTeX, and with many syntax error fixes to xetex.web (ok tbh, it didn't take that long), then

$ weave xetex.web && sed '1s/webmac/xewebmac/' -i xetex.tex && xetex xetex.tex

Will probably be uploading that file somewhere so others don't have to go through this.


well, seems like a big chunk of my issues were from using cweave instead of weave, since

$ weave xetex.web && xetex xetex.tex

works without issue on latest release

New post! Partly to host these weaved pdfs, partly to document how to make them.

In addition to XeTeX weave, I've also weaved the pdfs for TeX, eTeX, weave, and tangle.

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