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Reading "Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software" a while back was a valuable investment. 22 years after its initial release, the author has published a second edition and I'd be interested to see what has changed.


(joke) mastodon instance named icosahedon

(similarly, calling a collection of Mastodon instances a mastodra)

(joke) when your crypto mining rig gets so hot you can fry stuff with it:
"now we're cooking with gas"

Here's what I've been up to the past week: A nix appimage bundler!


It'll convert packages into self-contained executables that you can run on basically any linux system.

Why do so many projects use autoconf, in all my years of programming I've never had to actually write any autoconf/automake

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We board the dead space hulk. It’s been lifeless for centuries. We start replacing corroded cabling to get life support functioning. Then we restore communications.

There’s a final unsent message in the buffers. We put it on screen.

From: Chief Engineer Nani, Cargo Vessel Akkadia
To: Copper merchant Ea-nasr, New Ur
Subject: Complaint about quality of copper in new CO₂ scrubbers

We turn the screen off. It’s a tale as old as time.


I'm not a fan of how it tried to subsume all configuration and provide thin nix-syntax wrappers around the underlying config. like bruh just let me write the config myself

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having a play around with by making a flake for my neovim setup

*wow* it's so awfully documented

and you can't even just look at the source code because you can't tell where something is even defined

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Someone else linked this earlier: grugbrain.dev/

> grug warn closures like salt, type systems and generics: small amount go long way, but easy spoil things too much use give heart attack

I'm a huge fan.

i... can't believe I'm actually crying over this post about rust, it's actually so beautiful


wow, just realised the power of lisp metaprogramming is that to add a new language feature you *don't* need to do one of
- hack around in a compiler (and maintain that fork(s))
- make awful macro hackery and deal with awful syntax
- somehow get it standardised
that you'd have to do in C or C++

(i still need to learn a lisp)

i love bean broth

bean broth is the best kind of soy milk

hmm why don't package managers host their files in ipfs?

tempted to caffeinate myself up some day and bash out the few blog post ideas I've got queued up, i always write so much when I'm on coffee (never mind the bit of anxiety or mental jitteryness i get)


cooking for tonight's dinner for kinda out of hand but I'm so happy with what I've made 😄 they taste so good

Audacity messes up my audio setup so that my headphones (via the headphone) jack doesn't work. The solution to fix this was to unmute the headphone *microphone*.

What the fuck.

omg Auld Lang Syne sounds so good on my violin -- warm strings + warm instrument + that piece (in A major) = 😍

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be the kind of person that makes the creator of a language question that the hell did you just do with it

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