Poll: Does the set of natural numbers contain 0?

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Off Topic COVID-19 Commentary (mild profanity) 

OK, I get this is a global pandemic and people need to be informed, but as a needlephobic, does every damn article or news story need to show people getting shots? Seriously, it freaks me the hell out. One of these days I'm going to literally throw up. For real.

for me, coffee doesn't counter the effects of sleep deprivation, it just turns off the alarm for "you need sleep"

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You know how people look for a label that fits them, but then fall into the trap of trying to change other aspects of themselves to fit the label better, such that a label becomes prescriptive rather than descriptive?

I find that I do a similar thing with software. I decide what kid of user I am and then try to change all of my habits to fit that label. Sometimes you really do have to make an exception.

I think these things are the meaning of the old saying "Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds."

Also, revived a older post of mine from 2019, on tabs or spaces for indenting.


If you haven't seen it yet, the first post is pretty interesting in my opinion -- I've described some of the more unusual/unique aspects of how I use vim


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New post! Finally got around to writing a followup to my first vim post from august last year (wow, almost a year!), this time about the plugins I use


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The definitions are as follows:
Inner Circle 5
Close friends you talk to at least weekly

Sympathy 15
People who, if they suddenly died, would leave you distraught. You talk to them at least monthly.

Overnight/Affinity Band 50
People you consider real friends. You talk to them at least yearly.

Active Network 150
People who, if you saw them at an airport, you wouldn't feel awkward walking up to and talking to, and for that matter, if they spotted you avoiding them then they would miffed at you

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it kinda sucks that the internet is so america-centric

time in sleep beats timing the sleep

my mental health got worse after cutting out naps because i simply wasn't sleeping as much

needing to eventually change my username on my linux laptop gives me an excuse to try out NixOS at some point

New post! Partly to host these weaved pdfs, partly to document how to make them.


In addition to XeTeX weave, I've also weaved the pdfs for TeX, eTeX, weave, and tangle.

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CPUs today do a lot of stuff in inefficient hardware in order to propagate a lie. the lie of the C programming model
that is, you have access to homogenous, contiguous memory and the code is supposed to run directly on hardware
ideally, a CPU should be very simple, do the bare minimum necessary to run software, while still keeping efficiency and speed - so, some sort of very simple, bare metal VLIW, with multiple memory spaces and other stuff
then, on top of that, there should be some sort of runtime to run actual applications, like a webassembly dynamic recompiler
this would allow to shift the burden of doing all this C stuff onto the software, as well as allowing programs to be optimized much better for the underlying hardware

well, seems like a big chunk of my issues were from using cweave instead of weave, since

$ weave xetex.web && xetex xetex.tex

works without issue on latest release

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Using master branch of XeTeX, and with many syntax error fixes to xetex.web (ok tbh, it didn't take that long), then

$ weave xetex.web && sed '1s/webmac/xewebmac/' -i xetex.tex && xetex xetex.tex

Will probably be uploading that file somewhere so others don't have to go through this.

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> Yes, I'm afraid a lot of the xetex changes are not carefully commented in Weave-compatible Knuth style; they lack the proper markup on names, etc., as well as doubling of @ signs. (I've never intended to weave this web, I just work with the actual source files.)

yeah, it seems like no on actually weaves the source code, so it's just broken

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are there online copies of source code docs (specifically, pdfs of the .web sources) for xetex? cweave works for tex but it's giving a bunch of errors when I try to run xetex.web + xetex.ch through it

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