Got my main account set back up at

Finally done with my last day of staying late at work

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Current state of affairs:

- macOS: shipping a microkernel that finally actually has userspace drivers and App Store apps run in containers ("sandboxes"), but still not the ideal dream
- Windows: close to releasing 10X, not only with userspace drivers (called UMDF) but also all apps run in containers (one per UWP app, a single Win32 container for everything else, which also has more containers inside)
- Google: preparing what's probably the cleanest commercial OS ever planned
- FOSS community: *waits faster for Hurd*
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Oh my been just posting to my alt when I meant to be posting here


Going for that "Yeah I feel like trash but hey the FOSS T-Shirt is pretty cozy" look

How in the hell am I gonna T-Spin my way outta this one

So much for dicking around before work. My couch & TV came withing 5 minutes of each other

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Oh no, has my hood been tucked into my Hoodie all day. 0.0

I really feel I should get into doing for programming. I could use the mental distraction and put these emotions into something positive. I know what I want to work on just not sure if my skills are there. Well I know one way to find out. :oh_no:

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I feel and look like a hot mess today

Guess I will just figure them out in the morning

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