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bodies, definitely gross 

Any or (or really any ) contributors want to buy an used ThinkPad X390 (Core i5-8265U , 16GB of RAM, 128GB SSD)?

I'll sell it cheap to someone who intends to use it to contribute to open source! 🙂

@cwebber literally just happened to me last week. I installed 2.8.x and I was so confused. To be fair, I haven't used it much since 2.4.x

Everyone who wanted to use Blender, but were intimidated by its UI: "The UI is so nice now, I can finally use Blender"

Me: "The UI changed so much, it's gonna take a while for me to be able to use this again"


@toast neither, I prefer POSIX getopt because it is standardized and succinct

Important poll, please boost (unless it's already completed).

In Go, the standard library "flag" module has single-dash flags.
Like so:
-flag=value -otherflag othervalue -bool -otherbool=false

Do you prefer that to GNU-style --flag=value and shorthands -f value?
Or do you prefer GNU-style?
If you had the FREE CHOICE (both implementations are simple and easy to understand, and had no real advantages or disadvantages besides this ux), which would you choose?
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