@floppy I started actively contributing in 2016. I've maintained packages, co-mentored students for GSoC, and made improvements in many other projects (Developer manual, Gentoo Kernel CI, etx.); but for some reason, it was never enough to attain official developer status. I've had three mentors, and I've taken the quizzes multiple times. But nobody ever gave me any feedback on what I was apparently doing wrong.

Meanwhile, I continue to maintain packages in other distributions with no issues.

I am looking to hire a / developer with react-native experience. If anyone is interested, or knows anybody I can talk to, please send me a DM.

@Metruzanca @02bot I watched the first episode the other day.

I never watched Tokyo Ghoul, but I love the music.

I need to look into Psycho Pass.

@praveen tox is experimental and highly insecure. I would not recommend that one to anyone at this time. But I love the concept.

@Metruzanca yeah, YouTube kind of spoiled it for me. It seemed kind of confusing, in a Gurren Lagann kind of way, if you know what I mean.

What are you referring to, Senpai?

@drwho do people still use/have CD's or mp3's? The closest thing for me is ISO files for PSX ROMs and burning live USBs of Linux distributions.

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