Anyone else playing Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Champions? I'm really getting into it.

what's the best item in your game? 

@toast doom: is that what they call it? :thinking:

selinux stands for serial experiments linux

because i don't understand it

@toast nope, never done that before. First time seeing on TV as a kid was more than enough for me.

@codesections vi and C programming.. sigh. I wish there were more jobs like that. Especially on the frontend.. they have six new frameworks each week.. :P

#DOFH excuse #99:

We migrated from serverless to useless infrastructure.

@ghil @hund @hund @rage

> It doesn't change the fact that for the average user, systemd is easy to use.

One could say the same for Windows... :P

@brainblasted why not write a script to copy the package over and install it, then launch it.

@Naughtylus definitely...but these types also seem to be the ones trying to get Rust into the kernel, and even bare metal embedded programming, like some of the open source bootloader projects.

I don't dislike Rust itself, but I definitely don't think it _should_ replace C. I don't _think_ it will? But ultimately, I feel like programming languages are in some kind of popularity contest and I don't know how helpful that is in the real world.

Just my two cents! :)

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