Anyone here with Openstack operations experience? We currently see traffic loss in an RHEL #Openstack installation with openvswitch in VRRP mode after a failback between the virtual routers (initial failover on a node reboot works fine). When the node comes back up and takes back the router VIPs, it doesn't seem to send gratuitous ARPs, and uplink switches keep stale MAC address entries pointing to the previous host's ports, so there's blackholing. Anyone seen something like this? Config error?

#Mastodon v2.6.3:

Another backport. There is an important performance fix that was missing in 2.6.2 and some smaller fixes.

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Older, non-commercially available video games that require servers to play should not be illegal to preserve. Many thanks to @TheMADE and others who fought to expand the DMCA exemptions for video game archivists this year.

The Software Freedom Law Center provides pro-bono legal services to developers of Free, Libre, and Open Source Software.

Apple's "secure boot" in the 2018 macbook pro is more aptly called restricted boot. It prevents GNU/Linux from accessing the laptop's ssd drive. We've been warning about these kinds of restrictions since Microsoft
initially adopted them:

I made a new blog post! In this one I found a privilege escalation vulnerability in gVisor, an interesting container sandboxing technology created by Google:

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