Why do developers seem to be allergic to writing documentation? Especially for projects they wrote. Nobody else understands it as much as they do... 😕

I am looking to hire a / developer with react-native experience. If anyone is interested, or knows anybody I can talk to, please send me a DM.

Watching a lot of AMVs with footage from Darling in the franxx... Now I really want to watch this show.

If you have COMPLETED please let me know so I can add you to the hall of fame I'm adding to the site.

I need you name, URL and the month/year you completed it please.

Boosts appreciated.

Six stitches in my shin... I think I should retire from skateboarding. I don't like pain.

VR is one of the best things ever. Oh and did I mention it seems to run fine on Linux?

> "this ai ethics paper was so controversial that the girl was fired!"
> 50 articles
> no one sharing the actual paper ;_;

We need a terraform provider for freedns.afraid.org...

@utahcon so is map[string]interface{} in golang similar to casting to a null pointer for a struct in c?

Reading go is strangely familiar and yet so foreign...

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