Any package maintainers on here that can help me bump the package for my program?

Anyone interested in this question I posted awhile back?

Eventually I plan on rewriting it in once I can make it work...

This is literally the same thing and it's all wrong.

No company that I know of goes out of their way to try to pay a fair wage; they try to get the most they can for the least.

Don't shift the burden on the maintainers. Stick it to the man.

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Open source is working as intended. If I write some code and release it under an open source license, don't sue me if you run into problems or get hacked.

Nobody told your company to rely on open source, and nobody is forcing them to [not] pay for it either. I don't condone begware like core-js in the article.

If the business doesn't know what software they have running or invest in maintenance then this is the only outcome.

How do you contribute to open source?

How often do you contribute?

What motivates your contributions?

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