so, tried to add spotify-tui along with spotifyd on my on . Sothere is no apk file for spotifyd in aarch6. Without spotifyd, i cant continue. Been searching for some solutions. none so far.

halfway thru setting up on my . so far im enjoying the interface. kudos to the dev.

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so this is my first toot from in . still long way to go to completely configure all the apps. using a cli client for mastodon called toot. I might list all the pbms I have been facing in a different toot.

Day 3 and I have still not configured it fully. Next update toot will be from in my

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So I'm going to try to use SXMO on my from now onwards. This is going to be a huge jump for me.

There was an emergency blood donation drive nearby. Couldn't donate as I was vaccinated yday. They are asking to donate blood after 14 days of vaccination, whether 1st or 2nd dose.

Second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine administered

Update on Element Migration.
30% done. I wonder how many really would stay.

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You ever wondered how you can send a short message from Tails, to your smartphone, without internet connection, and even without connecting phone and Laptop?

You can easily do so, by creating a QR code and that you scan with your phone.

1. Open the terminal.
2. type: qr "your secret message or url"
3. scan the QR code with your phone

For more options type: qr --help

In process of bringing whole family to Element. 10% done.

First dose of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine administered.

tbh this whole rms/fsf thing is getting out of hand

Heard android apps are crashing due to webview update. :blobthinkingeyes: they fixed it ? :crazy:

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