The first usable build of mine and @SuperITMan 's ROM, BetterLineage, a ROM based on LineageOS 16.0 has been released! It focuses on providing a great out-of-the-box experience for LineageOS, and includes many FOSS tools.

It is currently available for the Google Pixel (sailfish). More devices coming soon.

Download it here:


@qwow5 @SuperITMan
Why don't you make a zip to install over any LOS?

@rudolf @SuperITMan
That's a good idea. I don't enough about Android development to know how to do that, but I'll consider it in the long run.

@qwow5 @SuperITMan
A TWRP flashable .zip can remove and add files to an installed LOS. So you would compare the original LOS to your modified one and deliver a .zip with the changes.
Look at gapps or micro-g, they do it just that way.

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