@cj pherephone isn't supposed to do anything with fav's and boosts, but I can tell it to follow you if you don't mind and it'll boost everything you say

@danarel I find this very sound security advice and privacy advice against maybe direct state surveillance but most people don't suffer from direct state surveillance. They suffer from surveillance capitalists siphoning all the data and using it to manipulate them in their everyday life.

The checklist should definitely have an adblocker, using private browsing or containers for some sites and avoiding certain proven bad actors. Advising against SMS and not FB Messenger strikes as especially odd

@rudolf your secret is safe with me. I'll mention you on 2245 if I haven't broken the timeline till then.

@rudolf no, 2245 is in the future. Are you a time traveller by any chance?

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Woo ho! We got cellular on the #pinephone!! (Not the dev kit) :D Starting to look good now! we are close to having everything working!

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Linked is a #pherephone "Announce" activity from a writefreely post. It works on mastodon but not on pleroma. I cannot understand why this is. Can any helpful #pleroma or #ActivityPub experts give a hint?

boosts appreciated


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