After a sudden hostile (and/or grossly incompetent) takeover by Freenode tonight, the #qutebrowser IRC channel is now on - I urge other projects to do the same sooner rather than later, as long as you can still tell your users about it.

If you are always searching for a unbloated foss browser like I am, #qutebrowser 2.0 has been released. It solves the adblocker problem, implementing the brave browser adblocker. It's not bad at all.

#qutebrowser finally has a ABP-style adblocker, based on the #rust adblocking library by Brave! Thanks to Árni Dagur for all the hard work on implementing this, a big effort started in March - now finally merged. 🎉 "adblock" on PyPI is usable for other #Python projects too!

@the_compiler on the keys, finally got around to creating an official Mastodon account for . Will probably not tweet much from here though, follow @the_compiler for more content :)


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