Considering flipping a RTX 2070S to get a RX580 since it has better compatibility in Linux and MacOS.
Luckily the price of the 2070S rose but so did the RX580.
A friend said to not pay more than 150€ for the RX580 but I'm seeing them go for like 300€.
Be damned silicon shortage

@quantumly no it doesn’t! At least not mine!

I have an RX 580 4GB and it has literally never worked on Linux. No matter what kernel, no matter what drivers.

I got it for the same reason you did. Skip the 580. That whole subset of Polaris chips has had problems with the Linux kernel for three years

@wholesomedonut That's odd to hear since I was always under the impression that AMD works basically perfectly in Linux and MacOS.

Looks like I will need to do some more research before I finally decide

@quantumly there’s always an exception and in this case it’s a bunch of Polaris family chips not working well. TBVH just stick with a Nvidia.. they come with nouveau drivers and pretty top notch support on mainstream distros.

My heart doesn’t bleed for the whole libre GPU drivers kind of BS though. Waste of time.

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