I've been meaning to setup a VPN server on a VPS but can't decide between Wireguard and OpenVPN. Both seem to have iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, and Windows apps so they're the same on that regard. I also read that Wireguard allows you to access server side ports bur couldn't find anything about OpenVPN allowing it.

Thanks for the input.

@quantumly Having used both, I would say that Wireguard is a lot simpler to get up and running for a small number of devices. Particularly if they're all yours.

The extra initial hassle of OpenVPN with certificates is probably still worth it if you've got other people or lots of devices involved.

Both emerge as IP traffic at the server end, so your ability to talk to the server is going to be down to firewalling and routing config - don't think either WG or OVPN makes a difference there.

@quantumly 100% WireGuard and only 14% OpenVPN. Can't argue with these numbers.

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