Recently created a Polywork profile and added some past stuff on it.
Sure it has that corporate art style but it's rather sleek.
Even allows for a custom domain.

Considering flipping a RTX 2070S to get a RX580 since it has better compatibility in Linux and MacOS.
Luckily the price of the 2070S rose but so did the RX580.
A friend said to not pay more than 150€ for the RX580 but I'm seeing them go for like 300€.
Be damned silicon shortage

I've been meaning to setup a VPN server on a VPS but can't decide between Wireguard and OpenVPN. Both seem to have iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, and Windows apps so they're the same on that regard. I also read that Wireguard allows you to access server side ports bur couldn't find anything about OpenVPN allowing it.

Thanks for the input.

Been looking at shared configuration solutions. Currently looking at either Apache ZooKeeper or etcd but wouldn’t be opposed to suggestions or opinions.

Personally leaning towards etcd.

Recently made a blog post about installing the Github Enterprise Server as a Proxmox VM. It's rather simplistic but I hope it helps someone


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