Trying out rq and its comparable there are a few things that i have to either fix or gripe about... but it is probrably the better of the two ive tried so far!
One of the gripes is that instead of editing within the tui on tut it opens nvim :/ anyway thats somethig i can get used to...
One last thing... this meme is too relateable. Im scared.

Thinking about investing... ive heard its better to start early and am thinking about asking for help investing instead of christmas presents. Looking for thoughts and input

@distrotube how do you use fosstodon/mastodon? Also any tips for someone who is still learning linux's ins and outs?

First post from the command line! Toot is a neat peice of software will play with it and i may stick with it! Ive already moved so many things to a terminal work flow and its refreshing. I enjoy ricing my :arch: install so much XD see you soon!


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