@mike @qkerby @kev I'd say they've done enough to prove they still can't be trusted. I'd cite the hoards of telemetry the collect in Windows 10 as an example.

I feel they simply realized that in the server space, they(became|are becoming) irrelevant and are doing damage control. Nadella's reaction is to stem the flow away from windows server, I think?

Unbox Therapy: "The #Librem from #Purism is a premium #laptop with several #security focused features. Features include hardware switches for microphone, camera and communications." youtube.com/watch?v=hVcJgCvFuW puri.sm/products/librem-13/ #privacy

@qkerby Similarly, I was an Atari guy at home and Apple for work. All of the twiddling to get DOS and/or windows working was a real head scratcher for me. I couldn't get why anyone would tolerate it. But eventually the market dictates where you have to go.

@purism I was the proud owner of a Blackphone2 until just a few days ago (which Slient Circle stopped supporting years ago). The touchscreen stopped responding, but the phone still boots fine. I have a Librem 5 on the way, but now I have to bridge the gap for a few months. Any suggestions?

One part of me thinks it's cool that Microsoft released a Linux app. It's going to start making Linux far more accessible.

The Linux elitist side of me wants that Garbage as far away from Linux as possible and I want Linux distros to shun them!

Fun fact: you can't name any file anywhere in windows 10 "aux.txt" or "aux" anything with any extension, because it was a reserved name in CP/M before dos was a thing.

If you commit "aux.txt" to a git repo, you break it for windows users. If you distribute "aux.txt" in a zip file, windows computers cannot extract it without error.

In 3 hours I've had a Coke, a Monster Energy, and 4 cappuccinos. This might indicate a problem.

As many of you, I sit for a living. I am 6'1" (1.86 meters), but I am very top heavy. I have the legs of someone who is 5'9" and the torso of someone who is 6'5". Normal chairs hurt my lower back and my upper back remains unsupported. Does anyone have my similar proportions who has found a chair they love?

Mark the date - Tuesday, July 23, 2019 I deleted my Google account after 15 years! I was one of the original beta testers, signed up in fall 2004 and switched my family to Google Apps/G Suite in 2010.

Still trying to get my family off Google. Working on moving their calendars to NextCloud right now. Wish me luck!

So I rolled the dice and purchased a Librem 5 a few months ago. Still waiting for it to ship, and I'm hoping it is any day now because my old BlackPhone 2 is really starting to limp along with poor battery life. Please hurry, @purism before I have to replace my battery!


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