@penguin42 @vilbi I'm moving to manc city centre tomorrow actually from norwich. Hopefully the rate stays stable enough so that I don't end up huddled up inside with nothing to do safely.

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I've lost 40% of my hearing to a degenerative disease. Mostly high pitched sounds are the ones I lost. This has some interesting effects when watching movies and TV shows.

I have no problem hearing people talking, cars passing by, etc. But I can't hear a phone ringing, or a door bell, or an alarm. It's like there was no ringing at all.

So sometimes I see characters start running for "no reason". Or they look at the phone for "no reason".

@mindcls I have a filco tenkeyless, haven't missed the numpad at all. I'd think narrowing the angle your arm has to be at for the mouse would help with soreness.

Welcome! If you put you'll probably get more people to notice.

Hope you have fun here.

@ataraxia937 Well that sucks. Guess I should be thankful for good locals here in east anglia. I wondering if the formatting of the "good" paper led to you missing info.

@ataraxia937 Is there not a local paper/website? I find that for practical info local outlets tend to be the most useful.

@kev With my current sleep cycle, when the birds start chirping in the morning I know it's time for bed.

What are the most interesting/up-and-coming instances people know of?

As much as I enjoy fosstodon, I'm always looking for other instances to explore and follow.

@skunksarebetter I've just tried this out, I've never sent a whole webpage rendered like this in the terminal before, pretty neat stuff. It would've been nice to use some keybindings typical of text-based browsers such as lynx. Really, a browser which could slide from purely text display like lynx to something more graphical like browsh would be perfection.

@penguin42 I'll get the luxury when I'm 40 haha. All that delay just because of the way they contracted it out bloomin hell. It'll be good when it's here.

@dessalines A key third factor driving the recent peak is the terrible PR that has been generated by things such as the reeducation camps in Xinjiang, Hong Kong unrest, and recent illiberal policies. Makes it much easier to dislike from a western perspective.

@cloudhead Just tried this out, this is a fantastic tool! A very successful application of a vi-like philosophy! Very happy this exists and will increasingly exist, good luck

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As of now the UK has now left the EU. I'm rather depressed, but life goes on, and our chance will come again. Too many bugs to fix for dwelling.

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Round 1, Match 1 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

The defending champion kicks off the tournament!

@alexbuzzbee The first is generally seen as good if safe, the second is controversial, the third is a metric ton of disappointment.

@ataraxia937 I assume that by content you mean stuff that you could consume passively when you're relaxed, as opposed to something more active?

In that case, maybe some good movies? That's a well to fill time well provided you're watching a good one.

Unfortunately trying to think of non-manipulative sources of social networking is difficult. We can only pray for more decentralized alternatives to get more content that way.

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