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Holy crap, google is apparently taking down all/most fediverse apps from google play on the grounds that that some servers in the fediverse engage in hate speech. At least three apps I know of anyway and I'd imagine the others will follow soon under the exact same reasoning.} Seems to be the case with Husky, Fedilab, and "subway" tooter.

this is a scary precedent if google play is going to ban any apps that can in any way be used to access content with hate speech. So what about a forum client, do they take that down just because there is a forum somewhere on the internet posting hate speech?

This is particularly worrisome because for most people Google Play is the only way they understand to install apps at all.

Picture attached of one of the notices received by fedilab.

@fedilab @tateisu #fediverse #mastoadmin #freespeech #censorship

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I've lost 40% of my hearing to a degenerative disease. Mostly high pitched sounds are the ones I lost. This has some interesting effects when watching movies and TV shows.

I have no problem hearing people talking, cars passing by, etc. But I can't hear a phone ringing, or a door bell, or an alarm. It's like there was no ringing at all.

So sometimes I see characters start running for "no reason". Or they look at the phone for "no reason".

What are the most interesting/up-and-coming instances people know of?

As much as I enjoy fosstodon, I'm always looking for other instances to explore and follow.

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As of now the UK has now left the EU. I'm rather depressed, but life goes on, and our chance will come again. Too many bugs to fix for dwelling.

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Round 1, Match 1 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

The defending champion kicks off the tournament!

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"Hail to the great dodecahedron!"

You can only hear that if you attend a platonic solids' Black Mass.

Who's on mastodon in ? I'm moving up there for a job after uni this year, it'd be interesting to know who's on here there.

Reading Iain M. Banks's Excession at the moment, excellent book.

Taking in mind that it was published in '96, I find it interesting how the conversations between the Minds resemble internet forums:

That was the zeitgeist of the times I guess.

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cool software recommendation: xpra

it's kinda like screen for x, it lets you run applications remotely over ssh and stuff, including mirroring the active display

I looked around and saw many code editors already allow for something like that. Do any of you guys use any of these or similar?

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I was quite befuddled earlier, as I noticed that many instances were using glitch-soc, but I had this confused with the code collaboration website.

I was thinking "Oh, that's clever, they must have it setup so that anyone on the instance can edit the server code in real time! Neat!"

Of course after I realised my confusion, I figured that that wouldn't make sense and would lead to many bugs, crashes and tragedy. An easier way to remotely collab in real time like that would be nice tho.

Happy Independence Day to the Americans. If anyone else wants to join in on the fun, why not celebrate ?

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This is an ad from a 1998 issue of Macworld, and I feel like it could be a meme template.

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I just realized: One thing I'm missing from the Fediverse are event calendars.
I'm currently in a group of people planning a climate protest, and we're using Facebook to post events there for people to subscribe to.
I'm not aware of any federated social network / tool where I could post a calendar event and people could subscribe to it.
That would be a really useful feature to get more people off Facebook.

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Facebook reportedly plans to integrate its messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

I've been accepted for a face to face interview at ARM's HQ for a summer internship. Both very surprised and excited. Not necessary expecting to waltz on in easily but it'd be wicked to get in. Fingers crossed.

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Note to self: fully switch to GitLab before this happens. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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if anyone in chicago ever wants to hang out let me know~

i live near the brown/red line

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