Friend: What’s your new address? I can come pick you up
Me: Thx, but I don’t want my address to end up on #facebook
Friend: What? I’m not giving it to FB. WTH?!
Me: Hum, you’ll probably add it to my contact on your phone. You gave Messenger and Whatsapp access to your contacts. So yeah if I give you my address there’s a good chance it’ll end up in a FB’s database.

Why is it so hard to protect one’s data these days? Is there a way for me to have ppl over without leaking my address?


@pyre35 My concern isn’t with how to get them the address safely but rather with what they would do with it once they get it. It’s not that I don’t trust them. It’s just that they don’t know any better when it comes to online #privacy. Most people don’t.

@ilyess Just convince them to start small. That's how I started :) Not sure how far along I really am

@pyre35 I managed to move conversations off of Whatsapp, Messengers, and so on when I left those platforms and believe me, it wasn’t an easy task. The hard part was convincing the other party to use yet another messaging app. I lost contact with so many people along the way and I don’t regret any of it. But moving my conversation with X off of Whatsapp is one thing, convincing X to delete their Whatsapp account is a different story x)

How far are you?


@ilyess I have a few distant friends that use Whatsapp. Tried to get them to use signal but they won't. We aren't that close so not a big deal for me. Trying to get away from google is honestly way harder for me. I'm close with my personal account.

@pyre35 Same here. Ditching Google is not straightforward but totally worth the effort. Some people wanna be mortgage-free, I can’t wait to be Google-free.

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