FLoC is not a good thing. And yes, is being evil. unfortunately, I don't think we can win this fight on our own. we need to educate our friends, family members, and while this may not be popular in this group, we need to reach out to our governments to let them know we are not OK with this. This fight isn't going to be won by us just opting out, with http headers... and like is going to respect that in the long run anyway

@person I can't explain gemini to my friends and family. I have to meet them in the middle if I want to get anywhere :)

@pyre35 Yeah I know, what I mean is that our friends and families would never care about the problems of the modern web. Sad but true :( One day we may need to leave it...

@person well, for now, I can get them to stop using chrome and if they feel comfortable, try to get local and state government action here in the U.S.

@fedops yep, first step. But obviously their goal is wide-spread adoption. create the standard, control the direction and the information

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