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@paulfree14 @hamishcampbell Yes. We can't make progress by being a "YouTube alternative" or a "Twitter alternative". We won't beat them on their home territory of massive vertical scale and capitalization. We can't win at a game of catch-up in which we are always trailing the corporate solution.

How we can make progress is to better serve the real needs of users, which are different from the needs of corporations.

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Nice breakdown by the Guardian of #privacy implications of using #gmail. If you’re a Gmail user, check it out so you at least know what you’re signing up for.

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#twitter is working on a subscription model where users would pay to receive less ads. I wouldn’t be surprised if other social media companies are also working on a similar approach. With only 4% of its iOS 14.5 users in the US accepting tracking, Facebook will have to adapt and that could mean exploring a subscription-based model. I can’t wait to see all the memes when this becomes a reality.

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I have been doing some changes to my workflow, changed my window manager, will change my android rom, and probably my distro too.

This is day 34 of

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There isn't really anything more centering than a long walk, so many things to see along the way :)

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If anyone is wondering why #Audacity adding #telemetry to the application is a big issue... The fact is that it will *NOT* be anonymous. The PR itself directly states that IP addresses will be sent to Google and Yandex. There are plenty of better, self-hosted, privacy respecting options like @mamoto and plausible and Firefox's Glean SDK that aren't being considered.

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@pyre35 @Mehrad They do. I’m just wondering if the community-run nodes are self-sufficient servers or merely proxies. #signal also has a community-runnable proxy that anyone can run to help route traffic from regions where Signal has been censored but it doesn’t make it decentralized. Like you mentioned Mehrad, it’s not clear where the server code lives so we can’t verify.

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know @session was active on mastodon.

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@ilyess @pyre35

They at least claim to be decentralised:

So far (about 1.5 months that I have followed them and used it on my phone)

+ they have been transparent and active on mastodon (@session)

+ the app is very snappy and beautiful out of the box and I have received 3 or 4 updates.

- Tbh, I haven’t find the repo for their server

- I personally don’t like it’s ties with crypto. Although user is not forced to opt in.

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Well, it took a while but my petition to keep strong encryption without backdoors legal in th EU is now open for supporters!

Please feel free to support it and or boost/promte it

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@ilyess @pyre35 I wouldn't pull the trigger yet. Let session grow a bit and then use it. I would reccomend Jami and they have been there for longer. I wouldn't use it as a primary messenger

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@pyre35 I don't think it's decentralized though. It just routes requests through an onion network. Another advantage it has over #signal is that it's not based on phone numbers. On the downside, its feature set is still relatively limited (no video calls for example).

You could give it a shot, but keep in mind that its recent security audit by Quarkslab revealed few issues, some of which are still not fixed. For more details:

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@pyre35 Precisely, I wish ond day Freetube employs the support for more Intances similar to Newpipe.

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@pyre35 I just checked it out because of this toot and have already downloaded it to my phone. It's interesting!

we were just talking about earlier. I had never even heard of ... should I give it a go? at face value, it appears to alleviate some of the concerns some have with signal (decentralized and no cryptocurrency. yet...)

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« Loneliness does not come from having no people around, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself » Carl Gustav JUNG

I'm thinking about doing a quick review of FreeTube. Anyone have any high level thoughts?

Well, I think I've made up my mind. Firefox on my mac it is. I'll also have Vivaldi and safari on this machine, just to keep them guessing :)

So, my issue here is, I'm not a huge fan of jumping ship from signal so quickly. First, it was hard enough to get my friends and family to start using it. It seems like a good enough service that does it's job well. Second, while I hate cryptocurrency too, them including it, at least for me, is not enough reason for me to jump ship. Why? non of my family or friends are going to use a service much more complicated than signal. It's that simple. And that's why I use signal: communication with them

“This merger is good for competition and in the interests of everyone in the UK who uses GIPHY and our services — from developers to service providers to content creators.” - Facebook.

For some strange reason, I doubt it...

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