Anyone have a common stupid error?

Me (python): I create an empty list INSIDE a for loop, then wonder why when I try to append it each loop I only get the last item of the list. I obviously make bigger mistakes but I find this one hilarious :) and just plain dumb...

thanks for the comments about my ongoing problems. I posted in the comments but not sure it was seen. I started my partition with 75GB and it was around that just a few days ago (I have only installed very few things) so something is clearly going on. But, not enough time to figure it out right now :(

first major issue in linux, after i fixed wifi... got a message that my something or other file system was full, couldn't save anything or do updates. checked a few command line things. I figured i'd restart... now can't login :(

Don't feel like editing, but it should say "not" not "note"

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Day 30:

A quick guide to update CLI on mac after activating 2FA on Github. Note that it's hard to do, but wanted to put something together.

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Hello world!
I'm a PhD student (physical oceanography) and accidental Python instructor in Norwich, UK.

Trying to make my corner of science more open and build FOSS community in the ivory tower.

When not online I'm often on the water.

Latest post in

I've been writing on some non-tech related topics for the last 10 days, specifically following a list of 10 questions. Figured I didn't need to share every one. But you can find the recap here:

Man, I really like the Letterboxd site. Too bad it does so poorly on gtmetrix... Whatever, it looks fresh.

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Hi, everyone!

I have just joined mastodon and I am still habituating myself.

Joined Fosstodon because I am trying to learn and know more about FOSS and though it would be a perfect way of doing that.

My interest about this topic emerged when I started to read some articles about privacy, which lead me to Reddit subs like r/privacy and r/privacytools and then a whole new world just appeared before my eyes.

Hope I can eventually contribute to this community!

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ITM ladies and gentlemen. I'm newbie to FOSS world. I really got interested during and after the election and watching Bigtech treat users as peasants. Recently I switched to Linux, and gutted my Pixel 4xl and replaced GApps with Open source. I'm still learning and improving.

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Hi...? I'm Emiran, An Advanced ArchLinux User (Well, Not That Advanced) Who Just Wander Some MAstodon Community's And I Found This Community, Because I Have A Big Interest In Technology And Computers, I Decided To Join

reminder that github is changing authentication in the near future (looks like august). don't know why i took so long to set up 2fa...

wow the guestbook form on my site is getting hella spammed. Is that normal? like 10-20 entries per day

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The coming war on the hidden algorithms that trap people in poverty

Algorithms now decide your credit score, which patients receive medical care, which families get access to stable housing, and which children enter foster care. For low-income individuals, this hidden web of automated systems can trap them in poverty. Fortunately, a growing group of lawyers are fighting back.

Source: MIT Technology Review

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Finally I've got my 400. Gonna check it out and post some impressions on it soon.

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Hello mastodon! I'm suppi. I like working on compilers, virtual machines, games, web, and more. Sometimes I live code on twitch as well.

I will mostly toot about , and maybe sometimes anime, d&d, games and synthwave.

Feel free to engage with me :)

so just so y'all know, google is default on brave too... guess I just need to learn to be more careful

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