am a bit curious is this lvm mirroring? How can I achieve in increasing / partition and decrease 200gb from /home? Must I do it for both?

hey, got a problem, my boss wanted to get all emails from Google Suite emails to our server, how can I do that?

tried DnD after a long time, you know what, I enjoyed it so much more now xD

for example, if gmail's smtp server is port 465, does my server use port 465 to send emails via gmail smtp?

hmmm, why can't I login into smtp server on my client's server?

testing on both local hardware and personal server, both can logged in gmail smtp. but I can't access on my client's server???

hey guys, am a bit confuse with SSH on centos.

I can't seem to be able to git clone using ssh on my clients server

error : connection timeout

I am able to ssh into my clients server using ssh though


Hype, hype never changes... seriously they could repeat the success from The Witcher III, but apparently it was rushed because promises, promises and promises (Christmas is around and it seemed they wouldn't want to delay anything)

P.S. not a gamer, but somehow follows a little bit of gaming news.

I love it when games like Cyberpunk 2077 just works with Mesa drivers.

I just had it with AMD due to me not being able to run Davinci Resolve due to it needing AMDGPU, and using Pop_OS I still couldn't manage to install AMDGPU Pro as AMDGPU will fight for what's right.

Alhamdulillah, I found a youtube video in using LD_library on Arch wiki as a workaround. And now this! Oh my god. Loving AMD more and more. Not to mention AMD RX6800xt has good performance while being cheap than RTX3080

Running android studio on my old pc was a horrible experience, it kept crashing. Now I've got a new one, double the ram and three times the amount of cpu threads. Now when I run android studio, it just crashes faster...

Anyone here knows how to install pure Linux based distros on smartphone?

I'm using Lenovo K3 Note and wanted to give new life onto it. Tried installing Ubuntu Torch but it says my phone doesn't support it. So right now I'm stuck. My other phone is a Asus Max Pro M1 which if possible, want to used Linux Distro on it.

hahahahaha, google (and all it's services) down for the whole world?

Hi guys, I know that all of us are Foss lovers, but I have to break the cardinal sin of using proprietary software, FB for my page. Could you guys, help support me by liking to boost it over 100 likes. It's Malaysia version of Linux Gaming, would do tutorials but all would be in Bahasa Malaysia....

Only for those whom still have, sorry though

guys, why does my gpu show's this?

results of

$ sudo lshw -c video

I'm trying to debug my GPU I accidentally screwed it up 😭

Eff me, the reason why it's missing was because I accidentally purge my xserver-xorg-video-all

Accidentally eff up my system... Was trying to install amdgpu pro for OpenCL but I accidentally borked my system....

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