This comes after learning that my SIL (husband's brother's wife) is my 12th cousin once removed.

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The more I learn, the more I'm just like... I dunno.

Tonight's learning: my FIL's adopted mother is my 8th cousin twice removed.

Got an email from a service I don't use saying that my subscription has been renewed on a card that's not mine. :blobcatthinkingglare:

Even though I’ll be the one having to do all (or most of) the work, I look forward to having some calves and chickens here.

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Reason 349723598456 not to use Siteground: when they fail to transfer a domain successfully to a user and then that domain expires, the user is left to clean up the mess.

Did you register your copy of WinZip (or WinRAR)?

Forgot to send a payment today, so I sang the words "Because I'm an idiot" outloud to myself and now my daughter is walking around singing "Because she's an idiot" over and over.

(It's because it's in USD, but the USD is held in a Canadian bank on Canadian soil and has zero exchange requirements. Banks are fun for me today.)

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Trying to wire from Canada to International (not US) bank. -.-

I'm super frustrated this morning. Bank locked me out because of a security issue from 2020. Yes, almost 2 years ago now. I'm the legally named vice president of the company, but since I'm not the president or owner, they wouldn't do anything for me, and the president/owner is unavailable. SO, instead I patched in my bank manager who got everything sorted for me.

I'd like to give a shout out to the Unclutter team. They have a deal happening on their site for popular productivity Mac apps. I looked at all of them and decided to give uBar a go, as I'm not overly fond of Mac's dock. I tried it out and Vivaldi would not stop crashing while I was using it. Had to restart multiple times. I e-mailed Unclutter to ask for a refund and within 20 minutes, I got a response that it had been refunded! AMAZING and AWESOME! I only regret uBar didn't work for me :'-(

I've only been working for 3 hours now, but it feels like it should be lunch time. It's not even 9AM.

This story just got a WEE bit creepier. Hopped in the shower tonight (no, this isn't my first time bathing since I've been here, normally I have a BATH, tyvm) and one of the curtain hooks (a C hook that has to be forced on to the rod) was off the rod. Now I'm wondering if I should be looking for hidden cameras around my house or something because this just got extra creepy.

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Ever since I got to the house, there have been things that have really creeped me out - making me think that someone's been in here.
1) A bag of clothes that had been previously packed and closed had been rifled through.
2) Towels that I'd washed, folded, and put away were mussed.
3) A potholder that I don't recognize was on my counter.
4) A shirt that I don't recognize was with clean towels in the dryer.
Nothing is missing or stolen, but this trips me out.

Hey, guess what's fun: I'm having to drive 3 hours to go get my package because the third party courier didn't pick up the packages for delivery! I figure I'll offer to pick up all the rest and deliver them - I'd get it done faster than these stupid third party couriers.

Banned from Tweeting for 12 hours for saying that I wanted to punch Fedex Canada for not delivering a package that I need to acquire before I can go home to my kids. Don't threaten to punch a corporation, kiddos, it will get you sent to the Bird Site gulag.


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