Interesting read about how open source software is not achieving its goal, and is aiding the imbalanced distribution of money into the hands of large companies. Original toot by

@puffinux interesting read, and I can't disagree/ I do feel it's only a small part of it though and not necessarily a majot factor like it's made out there.

@ignitionigel it's a different side to open source that I hadn't previously thought about, but certainly seems to make a valid point.

@puffinux @phiofx
Lesson 1: don't work for corporations. Keep open-source in the Commons.

@puffinux @phiofx
Of course, this was always the point of Open Source™️: to defang Free Software and make it usable to rapacious oligopoly capitalists.

@gcupc You think so? I wasn't around to experience the change so I can't comment.

Yeah. I was, and while no one or almost no one made the politics explicit at the time, it was pretty much always a split between leftists (exemplified by RMS) and right-libertarians (exemplified by ESR).

Except RMS is a chud and think the government doing things is socalism

@frickhaditcoming @puffinux
Eh, I'll actually concede that he's not a real leftist. But "chud" is a step too far. "Filthy liberal" is as far as I'll go -- his political blog is generally an inch to the left of Bernie Sanders.

@puffinux @phiofx Interesting read, thanks for sharing. Agreed with a bunch of things, but most of all with the last words in one of the comments:

"If you want to change the world, fix laws and social norms, don’t make apps."

Yes. Very much so.

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