Mobile looks really nice with lots of potential, although it still has plenty of room for improvement. I'm definitely going to have a fiddle with it over the coming months!

@puffinux Can't watch the links now, but do you perhaps know if Plasme Mobile is going to run F-Droid?

@fatboy F-Droid is for Android apps only, and Plasma Mobile isn't aiming to run those afaik, so it's unlikely.

@fatboy If you've heard about them running Android apps, however, I guess F-droid would be a natural choice.

@puffinux @fatboy
Well, since on Plasma Mobile you will be able to run any app of the Linux ecosystem, probably you are not going to miss fdroid :)

@dimitrisk @fatboy Very true, though there may be certain programs / apps that don't have a decent / similar Linux version. For instance, from what I've seen, Linux programs still have a way to go before they adapt to mobile screen sizes enough to be easily usable. I'm hopeful for the the future though — I'm sure these sorts of issues can be remedied.

@puffinux @dimitrisk @fatboy
You are right, touch friendly, ready for mobile, and -why not- covergent apps is what we need right now. That's why KDE community has introduced kirigami framework. I m sure that other foss communities have their own approaches to tackle this issue as well.

@dimitrisk you mean to make a single app that can morph its UI depending on screen size and density and touch capability, so it's flexible enough to be used on any device? Because that's what could make Linux go mobile, almost certainly. I guess it's the best approach to the issue of app availability / usability.

@puffinux Exactly:) E.g. if your mobile app is a page stack where you navigate via swipes, on a desktop pc with a large screen, pages are automatically converted to visible columns. You may check for more details.

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